How to Become a Favored Media Source

Smith Publicity
Published on Aug 02, 2023

There is no substitute for traditional media coverage in a book marketing campaign, and becoming an often-quoted expert is an advantage. Some authors receive the opportunity to be quoted by coincidence, and others maneuver their way into those spots skillfully. Seasoned publicists remind their clients that following a few simple "best practices" can do a lot to help you become a favored media source. All of them are simple, but many require attention and consistency. If you're willing to do what it takes, you can look forward to becoming a trusted expert source in your field of expertise.


Answering the media's questions thoroughly also goes a long way toward making you a favored source. You may be a candidate for media training if you need help responding thoroughly and working in your key messages. Awareness of best practices and following them consistently can help you promote yourself and your book while providing the information the media needs. If you're comfortable, you'll be called on more than once and can take a long-term view. Provide needed information and wait for an opportunity to work in your key messages for an appropriate story.


Being available when needed is crucial, and you might receive calls or emails during off hours. Try to answer your phone and reply to emails if you recognize someone from the media is reaching out. Most work on demanding deadlines, and you'll be quoted more often when you can help with needed information. Respecting people's time and keeping your replies concise and helpful is crucial. Being to the point doesn't mean being overly brief or skipping questions. Reply if you can, do everything you're asked, and go a bit beyond your core topic if necessary. It's okay to comment on fields related to yours.


When you talk to the media, you must keep their audience and your target readers in mind—the replies you give need to fit the audience's interests. When you provide information they relate to, you'll be sparking their interest in you and your work. Anything you say that's well received and draws favorable comments will improve your chances of being called on again. All media need to cultivate their audiences, and when you help them accomplish their goals., you'll become a frequently quoted source. All of this is simple, and when you keep in mind some simple guidelines, it will work well for you.