About Us

Payrchat Site is a first Bangladesh Social Media Site. Let's change & build Bangladesh together. Visit: https://payrchat.com ; the first Bangladeshi social networking site. Having been a keen pony and cob enthusiast the payrchat authority was feeling for creating such most beautiful and demanding sites in Bangladesh.for a of year and also.

We have developed a range of services that combine to provide a comprehensive services for clients ranging from individuals to all the people in Bangladesh.

Our social media websites are fully managed as an integral part of payrchat Websites. Towards our goal of ensuring that our clients and users have the best advice & level of service possible, we have incorporated an extensive Toolbox resources within the payrchat.com sections of our website. This allows prospective and potential clients to acquaint themselves socially and if needed they may ideally to consider when developing their business online.

We hope you find the information provided on our website useful and we'd be more than happy to discuss your requirements if you'd like to get in touch.

We pride ourselves in aiming to provide excellent customer service. If you feel at any time that our service falls short of this aim, please initially use our https://payrchat.com to raise your complaint. If you are not happy with our response please contact me personally.