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Excel Plating
Published on Jul 10, 2023

Aluminum coatings are a surface finishing method for coating metal objects for greater corrosion resistance. Also known as aluminizing, this is a thermochemical process that diffuses aluminum on the surface of the component, which is mostly steel.

 Excel Plating is a reliable aluminum coating company in Guelph, Ontario. We're experts in aluminum coating and a multitude of other finishing methods that offer more durability and extend the life of your metal parts. Our clients hail from diverse industries, and we love to serve them all.

 Benefits of Aluminum Coating

The many benefits of aluminum coating include the following:

 ●    Improved Yield Strength

Being amongst the most ductile metals, items coated with aluminum have greater yield strength.

 ●    Cost-effective

An aluminum coating is more cost-effective compared to other finishing processes that yield similar results.

 ●    Resistance

The aluminum coating on steel and other metals forms a protective barrier and prevents any reaction with oxygen and other harmful elements such as SO2 and SO3.

●    Flexibility in Application

Aluminum coatings have a wide array of applications, including on steel, carbon steels, and even on low alloy steels.

 If you don't know about aluminum coatings or are unsure of their application, contact Excel Plating. Our specialized metal plating services improve the corrosion resistance and durability of a number of metal objects.

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