Discover a Wide Array of Cash Drawers at Master Distributors

Master Distributor
Published on Jul 04, 2023

Cash drawers are compartments that are part of a POS system or cash register where the currency is stored during transactions. It simplifies and secures cash management. 

Mostly, cash drawers are used by retail businesses where cash transactions are regular. Shops, restaurants, multiplexes, hospitals, hotels, etc., are just some examples of businesses that use cash drawers. 

Cash drawers have various compartments to store currencies of different denominations. This makes operations and accounting easier whenever physical money is involved. 

Based on your requirements, scale of business, and safety needs, you can find a variety of cash drawers at Master Distributors. We have two categories of cash drawers, including:

  • Manual Cash Drawers 

In small shops for basic operations, these cash boxes are operated with a lock, key, and button to store cash. 

  • Electronic Cash Drawers
  • These cash drawers are connected to a POS system through USB or Bluetooth. Electronic Cash drawers have multiple features like a notification when the drawer opens, barcode scanners, automatic access, etc. 

Find High-quality Cash Drawers 

Find heavy-duty cash drawers to expedite high-volume transactions at your store. From the leading brands such as APG, Star Micronics, Panasonic, and more, our cash drawers are built from stainless steel, which makes them a highly secure means of storing cash. They're durable in body and can be relied upon for many years. They have multiple compartments to store cash and coins for superior cash management. 

These cash drawers are sure to serve you for many years to come. 

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