Crowdfunding Luxembourg: 8 Easy To Use Platforms Where You Can Start Your Fundraising Campaign

olivia watson
Published on Jul 02, 2023

Crowdfunding Luxembourg – How Things Stand

Like every other country, the pandemic has affected the most expensive country in the world, Luxembourg. While most of the nonprofits in the country are typically supported by grants and subsidies, they all are experiencing financial crunches due to the current global financial crisis. 

Amidst the crisis, individuals and organisations have turned to the trend of crowdfunding, encouraging fundraising as well as giving. As digital communication is growing, the ease of doing crowdfunding online has grown significantly in the past couple of years. 

Luxembourg, being one of the most advanced countries in the world, also witnessed the crowdfunding culture and is now home to many crowdfunding platforms that cater to individuals and organisations to start their campaigns.

This article explores the various crowdfunding platforms in Luxembourg through which anyone can start any kind of project. Let’s dive in!