How to Use the Electric Heater? The Daily Use of the Electric Heater.

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Published on Jun 19, 2023

Pay attention to reading the instructions carefully. Because in this way, you can have a full understanding of our equipment before using it.

Our manual not only has a detailed introduction to the specific effects of our equipment, so we sincerely remind you to read it carefully. You can't use it directly with an ordinary heart, otherwise it will bring you a lot of troubles and increase the chances.

  1. It is necessary to carry out an extremely thorough inspection of its plugs and lines, as well as the position of the corresponding link. After careful inspection to see if there is any damaged position, it must be extremely careful. Once there is any special situation, please replace it in time.
  2. When it is working, the thermostat should not be installed near (or too far away from) the radiant electric heating curtain, because the temperature control has an automatic temperature control system, improper installation will lead to temperature differences, and the radiant electric heating curtain should be installed as much as possible On the wall away from the glass.
  3. In winter, if there is no one at home, the temperature of the thermostat should be set at 3°C to prevent the indoor water pipes from being frozen and cracked, causing unnecessary losses.
  4. How to use the electric heater - the daily maintenance instructions of the electric heater
  5. Since the electric heater contains a lot of metal parts, do not put it in a humid environment during storage, which will cause the parts to rust. Be sure to put the electric heater in a dry place, so as to ensure the energy saving of the electric heater. Normal use of electric heating.
  6. Since the electric heater will release a lot of heat, in order to ensure the normal operation of the electric heater, it is best to place the electric heater in a place that is conducive to heat dissipation. In addition, do not place the electric heater directly on the floor to avoid the heat released by it. Burning the floor, especially the solid wood floor, in order to avoid this, it is best to put something under the electric heater to block it from direct contact with the floor.Screwfix Discount Code NHS

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What about carbon fiber heaters? What is a carbon fiber heater

Carbon fiber electric heater is a new type of electric heater designed and developed by using high-tech material-carbon fiber precursor as the heating element. With a thermostat, the remote control has the function of adjusting the indoor temperature. It can generate far infrared rays during the heating process, which has a physical therapy and health care effect on the body. Carbon fiber electric heaters are environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, safe and convenient.


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  1. Carbon fiber electric heater is a new type of electric heater designed and developed by using high-tech material-carbon fiber heating wire as the heating body. With thermostat and remote control, the new carbon fiber electric heater has the function of heating and heating, as well as far-infrared rays with high radiation, advocating green environmental protection, high efficiency and energy saving, safety and convenience
  2. There are roughly two types, one is carbon fiber heating plate, and the other is carbon fiber heating wire.
  3. Carbon fiber heating plate currently has two names, one is the correct name called carbon fiber heating plate. One is the hype term called carbon crystal heating plate (also called carbon crystal plate).
  4. Carbon fiber is an inorganic polymer fibrous high-tech material with a carbon content higher than 90%, so it has the inherent nature of carbon materials.
  5. Carbon fiber conductive paper is made of carbon fiber, wood pulp, and synthetic fiber pulp, which are evenly dispersed together by scientific methods, so that it has the functions of uniform conductivity, antistatic, and anti-shielding.
  6. Carbon fiber heating plate is a high-tech energy-saving and environmentally friendly heating material that uses carbon fiber conductive paper as the heating medium.
  7. The so-called carbon crystal plate, the heating principle of Brownian motion, are all fake and hype.
  8. The carbon fiber heating wire electric heater has a certain heating power and single-sided heat dissipation. It belongs to a linear heating body. The heating principle is similar to an electric blanket (electric mattress).
  9. The power of the carbon fiber plate can be set at will, and the double-sided heat dissipation is a planar heating element. Relatively speaking, the effect will be more ideal.
  10. The power consumption of carbon fiber electric heaters is calculated according to the area of your home. For example, if a carbon fiber electric heater is used for a room of 20 square meters, the power consumption is very small, but if an electric heater is used for more than 20 square meters, the power consumption is relatively large. If you want to install a carbon fiber electric heater, you should find a professional electric floor heating company


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  • Be sure to conduct field surveys

Hidden dangers in electric heaters How to use electric heaters correctly

In winter, the weather is getting colder and colder at home. There are no heating tools in the house. Now some electric heaters on the market have become one of the most heating tools.

Although the heating effect of electric heaters is very good, you must pay attention to the correct Use.

Electric heaters are high-energy heating equipment, which can generate high heat in an instant or in a short period of time, so pay attention to safe use. Next, I will share with you some precautions. Ebay Discount Code NHS at NhsDiscountCode


  1. When using electric heaters, do not place them next to sofas, blankets, beds or items with flammable and low ignition points. After testing, some electric heaters, such as the little sun, will ignite the paper in less than two minutes.
  2. In addition to avoiding flammable items, electric heaters should not be too close to people. The most suitable distance is about 1 meter.
  3. Some people think that electric heaters can be used for heating and radiating heat, and can be used to dry wet clothes, etc. The clothes should not directly cover the electric heaters, as they are easy to burn. If you need to dry clothes, it is best to have a short distance away from the electric heaters
  4. When using an electric heater, you will feel the lack of moisture and your throat will be dry, so it is best to put a small glass of water at home for the evaporation of the electric heater. Some electric heaters have their own small water cups for water.
  5. Do not warm your face when using an electric heater. In addition to the burning sensation, there are inevitably some inferior products on the market. Some inferior electric heaters will explode after being used for a long time
  6. Electric heaters also consume a lot of electricity, just like air conditioners in summer, so it is not advisable to use electric heaters for too long. If you feel that the room is not cold, you can just turn them off, or turn them on before going to bed, and turn them off when you are going to sleep. Lose. Also turn off the power. That is, power saving and safety.
  7. If there are children in the family, it is best to be careful not to touch the electric heater with your hands, it will burn you, and do not splash the electric heater with water, which will reduce the service life of the electric heater.