A Guide to Choose the Best Banner Ad Networks for A Business

Sam Wilson
Published on Jun 17, 2023

Context Overview


Whether looking for the best banner ad networks to uplift your website/blog? As a publisher, you want to partner with the best ad networks available in the digital market; that would provide high-quality ad content with reliable payment integrity and responsive assistance support. 

In this article, we have enlisted the top ad network recommendations for both publishers & advertisers to help you maximize your revenue accordingly on an estimated frequency.


Technically, banner ads are paid ad campaign models designed to let your business stay seamlessly on the top, fluctuate, or update/upgrade the search engine position of a business website. Mostly, the banner ads fit so well they look legit at their place; Of course, their actual purpose is to drive your business to get leads by click.


Why Banner Ads for Business?


Back in the 20th century, industrialists and business owners had several promotion options like newspapers, journals, ad flyers, etc. Apart from these, there was a tiny miny scope in a television advertisement, but it was not that massive market for advertisers as the number of users was low. Then came the 21st century, when things changed gradually with fluctuating speed, be it the business model of Google, Facebook (Meta), & so on. The advertisers became getting the option to display their products/services in the form of digital media targetting Adsense Competitors.


Why Choose 7Search PPC As Ad Network?


Being the most respected network dedicated to publishers 7Search PPC enjoys enhancing the organic approach to the assigned businesses. Publishers can monetize any traffic with 7Search PPC, from desktop (or mobile) website traffic to mobile app traffic via almost every available ad format, including pop-unders, in-page push notifications, native ads, banner ads, and so on.


Definition of Ad Networks and Role of 7Search PPC As An Ad Network Platform


Ad Networks are the key marketplaces for advertisers and publishers; They work as significant signals to leverage advertisers to place their ads on custom spots on various websites and mobile platforms. In short, they assist the business publishers in committing online platforms to monetize into the available ad spots by matching the ad campaigns to advertisers’ requirements.


Let's talk about how/what 7Search PPC would do executing all these mentioned action-things complying with the fundamental advertising tweaks and boosting the expected ROI with exceptionally probable business leads to the business owners. Team 7Search PPC helps to monetize the publisher's website by providing multiple smooth ad formats for businesses and offers different traffic methods with multiple campaigning targeting options. Overall 7Search PPC plays the significant role in increasing the organic reach and ROI, resulting in a higher volume of lead conversions.


Things to Consider While Doing Banner Ad Network


Considering part of the necessity of ad networking platforms for ROI maximization, some exceptions need to be understood if you want to progress into the business to the marketplace with plenty of business scope expectations.

Ad networks function as the commercial mediator between publishers and advertisers. Within the advertising arena, the ad networks act as essential monetization elements; without them, publishers would have to negotiate deals with individual advertisers.


Banner advertising consists of placing a well-crafted ad content copy on the custom websites. As per the name, the ad is a banner shape (a long rectangle, either horizontal/vertical). These ads are usually at the top or bottom of a website or vertically along the side of a website, next to the main content. Banner ads have been around since the dawn of Internet marketing, allowing website owners to sell ad space, much like a billboard or bulletin board owner would.

Overall, your particular goal should be to maximize your CPM without negatively affecting the user experience on your website. To strike this balance, you’ll likely need to experiment with different ad networks to find the network group which works best for your audience and preferences.


Conclusion Context


At 7Search PPC, we value the significance and investment estimate that go into a broadening advertising campaign network. Our experienced team of Internet ninjas is on the cutting edge of Internet marketing.

In a contexed nutshell, the above list incorporates the best-performing ad networks inside our huge publisher list. Some are extremely specific to some advertisers and only perform well specifically for them.