BlaBlaCar Business Model: How BlaBlaCar Works & Makes Money?

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Published on Mar 23, 2024

French online marketplace platform for carpooling, BlaBlaCar connects passengers and drivers. Passengers willing to travel between cities and share journey costs can book the service easily. It's a leading carpooling service provider that enables users to reduce long-distance trips cost. The company is giving tough competition to the leading ride-hailing giant, Uber. BlaBlaCar helps clients save money. Explore the blog on a BlaBlaCar business model and discover how BlaBlaCar works and makes money.


BlaBlaCar has expanded its service significantly to many countries like Belgium, Czechia, France, Brazil, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, etc. The company uses social network capabilities, making the car-sharing journey profitable for each rider. Looking at the success of BlaBlaCar, if you are thinking of starting a car-sharing or carpooling business, White Label Fox can help you with the same.


What is BlaBlaCar?

The French online carpooling marketplace has more than 100 million members and it's available in 22 countries. The company does not own any vehicles, it acts as a broker and charges an 18% to 21% commission on every booking. BlaBlaCar announced that it acquired Klaxit, a ride-sharing service to provide daily services on time. 


The company has its own commuting service, BlaBlaCar Daily, helping many riders to travel from one place to another on time. Many people use BlaBlaCar to ride between smaller cities as there is no train station in small cities. BlaBlaCar also added other services like a bus marketplace after the Ouibus acquisitions and a bus ticketing solution with the Busfor acquisition.


BlaBlaCar Success Timeline: Find How Company Gained Success?

BlaBlaCar was founded by Frédéric Mazzella, Francis Nappez, Nicolas Brusson, and Nicolas Deroche in 2006. BlaBlaCar unveiled a new corporation. A new algorithm was put into action to increase troop numbers and engage more users. As of 2018, BlaBlaCar had more than 60 million users in 22 countries and around travelers every quarter.


In 2018, BlaBlaCar purchased Ouibus, a long-distance coach operator from SNCF. Due to this transaction, SNCF became the company's shareholder. Later Ouibus was rebranded as BlaBlaBus. Besides this, the company raised $114 million from previous investors and SNCF.


Busfor, Russia's largest booking platform was also acquired by BlaBlaCar in 2019. Bus seats represented almost 20% of bookings on the BlaBlaCar in 2021. Have a look at BlaBlaCar's success timeline to know everything about its funding history, growth steps, and more.


A BlaBlaCar business model is beneficial for users. The platform connects users looking to carpool or travel by bus, making their journey more friendly, affordable, and efficient in more than 22 countries. Every two seconds a new member joins the platform. In France alone, the company has more than 20 million members and is used by more than 60% of users who belong to the age group of 18 to 35.


Almost 80% of BlaBlaCar's services are outside of France. In today's market where the digital platform is evolving at a blistering pace, it's a profitable option to launch a carpooling platform similar to BlaBlaCar. 


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BlaBlaCar Business Model: How the Carpooling Service Provides Works?

BlaBlaCar makes it easier for riders to search for rides for a particular location. Users can use Android or iOS devices to book rides and reach the location on time without hassle. Users just need to enter the starting and ending destination along with details about when they want to travel.


BlaBlaCar enables users to explore and select the best carpooling options they are looking for. As the name implies, carpooling options bring members together. This means riders will ride in a car that another rider has agreed to drive. The BlaBlaCar business models algorithm connects the rider provider and seeker. The company helps exchange contact information and offers a real-time chat to clarify matters.


The company's drivers have their own ID, verified email, and contact number. BlaBlaCar's drivers can link their social accounts to help users to review more details about them. The platform also provides a carpool commute through BlaBlaCar Daily. Those who want carpool service can get it with a few simple clicks.


Why Do Riders Prefer BlaBlaCar?

You now might have insight into the BlaBlaCar business model, now let's explore how the platform provides the best experience to riders. With the help of technology, it becomes easier for riders to book carpooling services. Customer reviews and GPS tracking helps create authenticity.


  • Those who don't want to own a car like millennials, city dwellers, and more prefer to share their transportation services.
  • Constant network connectivity, mobile apps, GPS navigation devices, e-transactions for payment, and constant network connectivity are a few of the technological advancements that enable flawless real-time matching of car owners with riders.
  • Advanced features like GPS tracking makes it easier for riders to track the driver, car details, and more. This makes travel safer and more convenient for all users.


BlaBlaCar business model and its features make it stand out from other carpooling and taxi service providers in France and other countries it provides services. You can also follow the same algorithm and business model to build a platform similar to BlaBlaCar. Let's discuss more, just reach us at


BlaBlaCar Revenue Model: How Does a Company Make Money?

Compared to 2018, French startup BlaBlaCar has 71% of revenue growth in 2019. BlaBlaBus covers almost 400 cities in Europe, whereas BlaBlaLines attracts almost 1.5 million users. A BlaBlaCar business model has helped the company to build a huge community.


BlaBlaCar acquires Klaxit, a ride-sharing service for daily commutes. It's a carpooling service that helps those who don't want to drive the car regularly on their own. BlaBlaCar's commuting services, BlaBlaCar Daily will be complemented by Klaxit after the acquisition closes.


In 2019, the company had almost 87 million users, while 17 million people signed up to the platform in the same year. BlaBlaCar has 70 million passengers across all its services. French Carpooling BlaBlaCar is planning to open its office in India in GuruGram ahead of expansion. The long-distance carpooling service recorded almost 135,000 passengers in a single day.


There are lots of ways to monetize a service like BlaBlaCar. Want to understand how BlaBlaCar generates revenue? There are lots of ways through which a mobile app like BlaBlaCar makes money. Explore a well-strategy plan consisting of revenue streams:


Ridesharing Fare

The drivers get a fair fuel expense for each journey. The total profit generated by every ride is split between the ridesharing service providers and drivers as well.



BlaBlaCar acquired Octobus to offer bus services efficiently. This became feasible with fundraising of $115 million. The digital platform, Octopus is used for digitizing numerous operational activities. For automating a process, the ride-sharing business seeks monthly and quarterly subscription fees. There are mainly three plans which include:


  • Basic
  • Smart
  • Pro


You can choose any of your choices.


Car Insurance Policies

BlaBlaCar apps can check everything about the car insurance policies, this can be considered as a revenue-generating source. This platform provides drivers with a car insurance policy covering protection against multiple risks such as broken glasses, civil liability, weather-related mishappenings, theft cases, and more.


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