Bajaj & Atul 3 Wheeler Auto Rickshaws For High Performance

Deep Sharma
Published on Mar 05, 2024

If there's any source for entrepreneurs to earn a higher income, it's driving auto rickshaws. Affordable three-wheeler auto rickshaws, particularly from Atul and Bajaj, offer unbeatable performance on city streets and rural lanes. The long-lasting Bajaj Compact RE is a highly economical model that suits some. Meanwhile, battery-fitted Atul Gem Paxx promotes sustainability for cleaner environment suits in urban settings. Keep reading to learn more about Bajaj & Atul 3 wheeler models for optimal performance.

Atul Gem Paxx 

The Atul Gem Paxx Auto Rickshaw has a fuel-efficient engine with 598 CC capacity, ensuring a good pick-up speed. Its reliable engine has an impressive clutch of five-speed with 4 forward and 1 backward. Also, it's a best-in-class model delivering optimal power output to become adequate for commuting. This model provides a good driving range, ensuring better fuel economy from superb mileage for higher earnings. This Atul Auto Rickshaw price range falls within Rs.2.08 and Rs. 2.50 Lakh.

Bajaj Compact RE

The Bajaj Compact RE Auto Rickshaw stands out as an ideal choice for passenger commuting in both rural and urban areas. It offers affordability without compromising on quality. As a best-priced model, it caters to small-scale fleet owners aiming to improve their quality of life through sustainable earnings. Its fuel-efficient engine and optimal output ensure efficient travel, maximizing profitability for operators. Additionally, its higher GVW allows for the transportation of heavy passengers. Besides, its agile maneuvering capabilities enable easy navigation through tight spaces and take U-turns. This Bajaj 3 Wheeler model is available at an effective price range of Rs.2.34 and Rs.2.36 Lakh. 

Both auto rickshaw models enhance their utility and value for commuters and operators alike. Visit Truck Junction for information about these models and compare prices for better decision-making.