Euler & Altigreen 3 Wheeler Models for Last-Mile Mobility

Deep Sharma
Published on Feb 12, 2024

The 3-wheeler models have gained prominence in ensuring last-mile mobility. The Altigreen and Euler 3 wheeler commercial vehicles cater effectively to last-mile cargo deliveries. 

The Euler 3 wheeler with different cubic sizes suits some. Meanwhile, the Altigreen three-wheeler's high and low deck body suits for others. 

Read the blog to learn how these three-wheelers ensure high performance and affordability. 

Euler 3 Wheeler

Are Euler 3 Wheelers the right choice for efficient transportation in India? Yes, indeed! Euler Motors is leading the electric vehicle revolution with its innovative solutions. 

With a battery capacity of 13 kWh, they offer environmentally friendly transportation solutions for intra-city logistics. Their electric three-wheelers comprise payload capacity, top-notch safety features, and low maintenance.  

Euler's competitive pricing, ranging from Rs. 3.94 Lakhs to Rs. 4.20 Lakhs, compels customers to purchase. The Euler 3 Wheelers excel in performance, sustainability, and affordability, making them a smart choice for transportation needs in India.

Altigreen 3 Wheeler

The Altigreen Electric 3 Wheelers revolutionize cargo transportation with their eco-friendly, efficient, and reliable features. Designed for urban businesses, Altigreen's models ensure sustainable and cost-effective operations.  

Key USPs include high ground clearance, dust & water-proof electricals, improved suspension, and increased earnings of Rs. 0.92 per kilometer. Altigreen 3 Wheeler provides comprehensive solutions for last-mile delivery needs.

Popular models like Altigreen NeEV Low Deck and Altigreen NeEV High Deck lead the last-mile mobility solutions. Priced between Rs. 3.47 Lakh and Rs. 4.41 Lakh, Altigreen prioritizes "Made in India" and designs for local road conditions. 

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