How to Build a Successful On-Demand Multi-Service App Like Gojek

Smith Joe
Published on Feb 06, 2024

Things have changed a bunch because of on-demand services like Gojek. multi-service business started as a way to get rides in 2010, but now it's a really useful app for lots of things. You can order food and groceries, send stuff, and even get massages through it.

It's not just handy for us using the app; it's also great for the people giving the services. They get more opportunities to make money doing what they're good at.

Why is an all-in-one service like Gojek so popular? Well, they offer multiple solutions at good prices and pay attention to what people want in different places. They also partner with different businesses and use cool tech to make everything easy for everyone.

Gojek listened to what people needed and made it easy to get everything in one place in short it is a one-stop solution. They're leaders in this because they understand what people want and make it simple for them to get it.

How to Create an On-Demand Service App Like Gojek

Before launching your on-demand service platform similar to a Gojek clone, make sure to consider these crucial factors to ensure its success:

Conduct proper research and analysis

To ensure the success of your Gojek clone app, conduct thorough market research to gauge the demand for on-demand services. Analyze competitors to identify potential opportunities, and customize your app to address user preferences and resolve their pain points.

Make a proper business model

Here's how your business will operate: Develop a solid business plan that includes effective strategies. Identify all the people or groups who will be part of your company, directly or indirectly. This includes important partners, resources, types of customers you're targeting, the value you offer them, key things your business will do, how you'll reach customers, how you'll set prices, and anything else important for your multi-service business.

Gojek has a really smart business model with three main groups involved: customers, service providers (partners), and businesses offering services. All these groups have helped make Gojek a really successful business in Indonesia and many other countries.

Creation and design

You've completed a significant part of setting up your dream business offering multiple solutions congratulations! Now, the next crucial step is focusing on developing and designing your multi-service business solution. This development phase involves considering various essential aspects. How will the work process be? Which features should be connected? What technology stack will be used to build the platform? There's a lot to think about.

Your platform needs a strong backend and a user-friendly design that provides an overall understanding of the platform. It's beneficial to seek help from an experienced and skilled development company to create a top-notch super app that meets all requirements, ensuring you get an effective business solution.

Find smart ways to promote and establish your brand

For your Gojek Clone app to succeed, pay attention to smart marketing and branding approaches. Build anticipation before launching, aim ads at particular groups online, and showcase what sets your app apart. Engage with people on social media and team up with influencers to create a strong brand image.

Make sure users feel safe and trust your service

To ensure your Gojek Clone app is reliable, focus on user safety by checking service providers and using secure payments. Be clear about safety measures, and provide helpful customer support. This helps build trust with users and makes your app a dependable on-demand service platform.

Offer different kinds of services available

To meet everyone's needs, provide multiple services such as food delivery and rides. This turns your app into a convenient all-in-one place which makes it an ultimate one-stop solution, attracts repeat customers and taps into different markets for long-term growth in on-demand services.

Comprehensive customer support

Make sure your customer support is helpful to solve user problems and make them happy. By providing caring and personalized help, your app becomes special, creating loyal users in the competitive on-demand service world.

Keep getting better over time

Keep your app up-to-date by listening to users and following market changes. By regularly improving and adjusting to what people need, your on-demand service app will stay fresh and attractive, leading to long-term success in a fast-growing industry.

Data Analytics

Use data analysis to learn how users behave and what they like, helping you make smart improvements to your app. By using data to decide, your on-demand service app can keep getting better, meeting what customers want and staying ahead of rivals.

Why do business owners prefer using a ready-to-use Gojek-like app?

Entrepreneurs have good reasons to consider making this all-in-one service app. People use their phones a lot, about 40 hours a week, so having a feature-packed app is important. Creating a Gojek clone not only gets more downloads and users but also makes the brand more known, getting more customers and the one-stop solution for daily needs. Offering lots of services keeps people interested and using the app more.

Also, having an app creates many ways to talk to customers, making them happier. Making the app easy to use and having lots of features makes it more valuable in today's competitive digital world. By making a Gojek-like app, entrepreneurs can join the growing on-demand service market and have a chance to grow a lot.

What is the cost of creating an app similar to GoJek?

The cost of making multiple solutions offering apps like Gojek isn't fixed or set in stone. It varies based on several factors that influence development expenses. There's no specific formula to determine the exact price for such a comprehensive app. However, we can consider a few key factors that play a role:

Platform: Choosing which platform to build the app on significantly affects the overall cost.

Features: More features mean a higher cost. The more features added to the app, the more expensive it becomes.

Design Complexity: Making this all-in-one service app look and feel more complex will take more time and money.

Location of Development: Where you decide to build the app matters too. The costs can vary based on where the development is done.

These factors contribute to the overall cost, but there isn't a fixed price for creating multi-service business app like Gojek as it depends on many different aspects.

Possible ways to make money from this super app

Generating revenue is a crucial aspect for any business, particularly those operating through apps and providing diverse services. When we look at Gojek, a platform offering a wide range of services, it has multiple income streams. These revenue channels employed by Gojek could serve as a valuable blueprint for entrepreneurs planning to create their own multi-service applications. Regardless of the type of services provided, these revenue models hold immense potential for generating substantial income.

For businesses operating through apps and providing varied services, understanding and implementing multiple revenue sources becomes vital. Gojek, being a prime example of such a model, leverages various channels to generate income. These channels include commission fees from service providers, advertising and promotional partnerships, premium memberships or subscription models, referral programs, and transaction fees from payment processing, among others.

Entrepreneurs aspiring to build a multi-service app can explore similar revenue streams to monetize their platforms effectively. Adopting these revenue models offers a diversified approach, ensuring a steady income flow from various sources. This approach not only helps sustain the business but also enables potential growth and expansion within the competitive on-demand service industry.

Commissions from offered services

When businesses or partners collaborate with Gojek and offer their services on the platform, Gojek gets a commission from them. This commission is a share of the profit earned when the services or orders are completed successfully.

Get payments from partners 

Companies or merchants partnering with Gojek and using its platform to do business have to pay Gojek a commission. Once the services or orders are completed, Gojek gets a part of the profit.

Delivery fees from customers 

Service providers or delivery people pay a small fee to Gojek for every delivery they complete. There are many ways an app-based platform can earn money. When creating an app and putting money into its development and other things, it's important to figure out how to make a profit from it.

Wrapping Up!

To make a successful Gojek-like app, you need market research, user trust, good marketing, and a strong tech base. Giving diverse services and great customer support is key to attracting and keeping users.

Many entrepreneurs choose a ready-to-use Gojek-like app for its features and ability to reach more people. Following these strategies and using a Gojek-like app's benefits, entrepreneurs can grow a lot in on-demand services.

Take this chance to change how people use services and confidently start in the on-demand services world. With the right plan and help from top platforms, you can create a really successful service platform