Square Fish: A Fishing Game

tani yuki
Published on Jan 16, 2024

Become a fishing champion of the square world!
Create the best fishing lures using materials found in the cube-free creative world, drive a car (a Jeep 4x4), explore, and learn new fishing areas!
The tiny fishing game expands the world! It's an awesome sports fishing simulation game in a blocky construction world! Avoid attacks by crocodiles or angry sharks while casting a fishing rod! for sport fishing enthusiasts! Do you love building, creating, and fishing? So, let the games begin!
The best fish to catch (marlin, shark, goldfish, catfish, salmon, etc.) is either an old pair of shoes or a mermaid! Looking for free fishing and construction games (bass fishing, rock fishing, fly fishing, sport fishing, big fish fishing, and many more) or the best outdoor games?
So great! Let's Fish offers the best summer and winter fishing, so you don't have to look for any other hobby game anymore. Sketch and build an editable fishing game! Build a city using blocks and start exploring the lite of the block world in search of the best fishing spots! Try to catch the biggest catch of fish! Sports fishing game! Design and decorate a fisherman's house (handcrafted design).
Collect trophies and explore the world! Creative game for hobbyists! Start your fishing adventure! Free mode with an open world full of fish to catch! Use a boat or ship to catch the rarest fish. Some fish are rare and require unique, special equipment to catch! Pocket version of the Pixel Hero game! It's a boy-and-girl crafting game! Sim game for real fishing enthusiasts! Experience the thrill of diverse freshwater and saltwater fishing.
Improve your skills by finding the right combination of entertainment, pulling motion, and lake location to catch bigger fish on every outing. Wild fish and square fish! Become a master fisherman! Let's fish in a square world!
Sketch, build, and explore. Creative game for boys and girls! Bring your pet with you! Chat with other fishermen, buy a boat or luxury yacht, and start catching the biggest fish! Free fishing game!
Sketching and construction
Abridged exploration
Daily rewards
Wild fish-catching mode
Design of a fisherman's house
Fishing from a boat or yacht
Drive an off-road 4x4 vehicle to reach the fishing location.
Chat with other fishermen.
Craft equipment: floats, hooks, hooks, etc.
Create a new fishing stick!