How to Calculate Daily Fantasy Sports App Development Cost in 2024?

Mosche Amara
Published on Jan 12, 2024

The daily fantasy sports app market is growing at a unique pace. Such growth invites business leaders to invest their resources into developing a DFS application. Since the fantasy sports industry has had a prolonged market establishment, it has a large audience. Choosing to develop a daily fantasy sports app can help you build your own identity in this vibrant space.

If you are planning to create a daily fantasy sports app for your business, a budget plan is a critical parameter to consider. This blog post will guide you to a basic understanding of how you can structure the cost of developing your daily fantasy sports app.

Cost Driving Parameters For Your Daily Fantasy Sports App Development Project

  • Development Platform

Do you have a low budget and timelines to complete the development of your daily fantasy app? You can consider using a cross-platform development framework that uses web scripts to build your daily fantasy sports app. It can not only help you fasten and simplify the development process, but also allow you to reach out to a larger base of audience in less time. Development platforms can impact your development costs by 40-60%.

  • Development Technique

You can adopt different development techniques for designing and creating your daily fantasy sports app. You can divide the entire product into small sprints of code to ensure continuous delivery.

Selection of development techniques can lead you to transform your product development approach altogether. Diverse development techniques can impact your app development costs by 50-60%.

  • Team Strength

The number of developers working on your daily fantasy sports app development projects can drive the quality and quantity of deliverables. You can define the team's strength by aligning your requirements with the daily fantasy sports app development company.

If there are more people working on your project, the individual resource cost will increase. However, the final estimation as per the hourly rates may decrease the overall cost of the project. Team strength can be subjective and may showcase major variations across projects.

  • Features

The daily fantasy sports market has become more competitive than ever. It is due to the inclusion of business-oriented features by DFS app development companies adopting the latest trends in their products.

If we list the top features of a DFS app development project, it can appear as the following:

  1. Team formation
  2. User profiles
  3. Interactive dashboards
  4. AI chatbots

You can consider including both basic and advanced features in your product based on your vision. The complexity of features may impact 50 to 80% of the overall daily fantasy sports app development costs.

  • Service Delivery Model

Clients can choose different ways to avail of daily fantasy sports app development services. The decision can be taken by considering the project complexity and scale of the budget. For different service delivery options, the costs may vary by the margin as significant as 40-70%.

Even if you hire a team of freelancers where you do not get any organizational structure, you may only save 10 to 20% of the costs with no certainty of any sort of support.

The Final Estimation

Now that we have considered all the basic components of daily fantasy sports app development costs, you can plan your budget as per the prospects.

The final cost estimation may fall anywhere between $20,000 to $500,000.

If you want to comprehend the basics of the process alongside popular examples, must-have features, technology stack, and more, read this guide to daily fantasy sports app development.