Best Bike Helmet Price In BD

Shahida Nasrin
Published on Jan 08, 2024

Do you want to know about best bike helmet price in bd? Your are in the right place. Motorbikes are now a popular mode of transportation in Bangladesh. It is increasing in popularity for many reasons. There are so many reasons for their growing popularity. Among them is the need for more public transport and traffic. Motorbikes are an ideal solution for daily commuters. Ride-sharing platforms such as Pathao and Shohoz have exacerbated the situation in Bangladesh. However, growing popularity necessitates increased security. The government has passed laws. This law requires both the rider and the passenger to wear helmets. This is an essential step toward reducing bike accidents. To buy, you need to know the bike helmet price in BD. Here are some of the best low-cost bike helmets on the market.


What to Consider When Choosing a Motorbike Helmet?


Regarding motorbike helmets, there are numerous options.  It depends on price, size, and comfort. Before buying a helmet, you must know the bike helmet price in BD. There are multiple designs and ergonomics to choose from. Some are heavy-duty, while others are simple straps. However, only some of the helmets on the market are legal motorcycle helmets. For the riders, they must cover their heads for protection. There are also some other factors before buying a bike helmet,


  • Protection 

Protection is the most essential factor to consider. Riders wore the helmets for first protection. Bike helmets help to protect against severe accidents on the roadside.  Protection is the first priority for choosing a bike helmet. However, no headgear can pass muster like a motorbike helmet.

A helmet must meet specific regulations. For it to be certified as road-ready. In Bangladesh, there are no model-specific standards.


  • Fit and Comfort

A helmet must meet the fit and comfortable requirements. A rider wore a helmet for a long time.  As a result, helmets must be comfortable. A few underlying factors determine the comfortability of a helmet.

First, consider the size. The size should be aligned with the wearer's head for a comfortable fit.

Second, there is the option for customization. Many helmets nowadays have a modular design. It is used in a variety of ways.

Third, consider the weight of the helmet. A lightweight helmet absorbs and dissipates impact shock more effectively than a heavy helmet.


  • Type

The rider's choice of helmet is also essential. A full-face helmet offers the best protection available. There are no hard and fast rules governing the type of helmet. That must be worn on the streets of Bangladesh. There are, however, open-face, modular, off-road, half, and dual sport helmets. All of these types, except for the half and open-faced ones. Provide superior protection and safeguard against accidents. There are many helmets available on the market. You can buy with your preference. You should also know online and offline bike helmet price in BD.



 Best Bike Helmet Price In BD


Finding Affordable Safety: The Best Bike Helmet Prices in Bangladesh, All are given below:


  • ORIGINE Strada Graviter:


ORIGINE Strada Graviter helmets are the most reliable. And high-quality helmets on the market. As a result, it will be a good option for you at a reasonable price. This helmet has a thermoplastic resin outer shell. It provides adequate protection in occurring an accident. It also has a reversible and washable inner lining. It also has a micrometric fastening system and a scratch-resistant visor. This helmet is reasonable among all bike helmet price in BD.


Also, some other features are listed here:


·         Thermoplastic Resin Shell

·         Washable, Removable Cool Max Inner and Comfort Padding

·         Built-In Spoiler

·         High Air Ventilation System

·         Micrometric Retention System

·         UV Coating

·         AntiFog & Anti Scratch Visor

·         Built-in drop-down Sun Visor

·         ECE 22-05 & DOT Certified

·         Weight:1530±50gm

·         Pins Ready for PINLOCK

·         Regular payment price is BDT-5,695/=


  • ORIGINE Strada Bike Helmet Price In Bd


Strada Helmets is an ORIGINE brand that is popular around the world. The quality of this helmet is excellent. Like the first, this helmet has a thermoplastic resin shell. It also has washable, removable Cool Max Inner and Comfort Padding. BIMABD will provide a free 30000.00 BDT insurance card with this product.

Other features of this product are listed below:


·         Washable and removable thermoplastic resin shell

·         Superior Air Ventilation System 

·         Built-In Spoiler

·         UV Coating 

·         Micrometric Retention System

·         ECE 22-05 & DOT Certified Anti-Fog & Anti-Scratch Visor

·         Pins weigh 153050gm.

·         Size: M/L/XL

·         The regular price is BDT 5,695 o 6,700tk


  • TORQ Drift Bike Helmet Price In Bd


The TORQ Drift has a very stylish appearance and a reasonable price range.  Advanced ABS Shell is one feature on the list. If you want a good-looking helmet at an affordable price, the TORQ Drift is a good option. TORQ Drift Black is available in three sizes: Medium/Large/Extra Large.

Some other features:

·         Advanced ABS Shell

·         Comfort Liner

·         Anti-Scratch Visor

·         Washable, Removable, Breathable Padding

·         Coolmax Technology

·         Double Visor

·         Micro Metric Buckle

·         UV Coating

·         Air Ventilation System

·         EX -Clear Trans Windshield

·         European Standard Helmet

·         Weight: 1450±50gm

·         Regular price: BDT-2,550tk


  • TORQ Ranger Score Bike Helmet Price In Bd


TORQ Ranger Score Red-Black is another attractive helmet from TORQ. It has excellent strength and is reasonably priced. The Coolmax Technology elevates this helmet to the next level while remaining reasonably priced.

The list of additional features of TORQ Ranger Score Helmets:


·         Advanced ABS Shell

·         Comfort Liner

·         Anti-Scratch Visor

·         Washable, Removable, Breathable Padding

·         Coolmax Technology

·         Double Visor

·         Micro Metric Buckle

·         UV Coating

·         Air Ventilation System

·         EX -Clear Trans Windshield

·         European Standard Helmet

·         Weight: 1350±50gm


  • Just 1 JGPR Golden Road Limited Edition Carbon Bike Helmet Price In Bd


On this list, there is a stunning and pricey helmet. Considering the price, the product quality is far superior to the other. This helmet is available in two sizes: medium and large. You will receive a BDT-4000/= discount on the regular price. And if you purchase with a 12-month EMI, you must pay the total price.

Here are some other features listed:


·         12K Carbon Fiber Shell

·         Wind Tunnel Tested

·         ECE 22.05 (Europe) Safety Certified

·         Titanium Double d retention system

·         removable and washable inner lining

·         protx2™ antimicrobial technology new lining treatment

·         Sequential Density Construction

·         Tear Off Supported Visor.



Final Thoughts

So far, we've covered the most popular bike helmets under TK 10000 on the market. There are many options available. It ultimately comes down to personal preference, price,  and comfort. Motorbike helmets have become essential to motorbikes due to legal and safety concerns. Check out the buying guide as well to make informed purchases. We cover the most affordable bike helmet price in BD.




What Are The Top 5 Helmet Brands In Bangladesh?

The top 5 helmet brands in Bangladesh are the most popular and trusted ones. They are known for making helmets that keep you safe while riding. These brands include Vega, Studds, SMK, Shoei, AGV, and Shark.


Why Are These Brands Considered The Best?

These brands are considered the best because they focus on safety, comfort, and quality. They make helmets with features that people really like, and many riders trust them for their top-notch helmets.


Can I Find These Brands Easily In Bangladesh?

Yes, these top 5 helmet brands are widely available in Bangladesh. You can find them in various stores that sell helmets and also online. They are popular choices, so you won't have trouble finding them.


Do These Brands Offer Different Types Of Helmets?

Yes, each of these brands offers a variety of helmets for different purposes. Whether you ride a bike or a scooter, or you need a helmet for a specific activity, these brands have options to suit your needs.


How Do I Choose The Best Helmet Among These Brands?

To choose the best helmet among these brands, consider your preferences and the type of riding you do. Look at the features each brand offers, read reviews from other users, and pick the one that matches your style and safety requirements.


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