Top 2 Heavy-Duty Equipment Models from Sany & LiuGong

Priyanka Mathur
Published on May 29, 2023

Infra professionals in India have become more mindful and acknowledge the heavy-duty equipment functionalities. The professionals want the best. Be it about minimizing carbon footprint impact or buying equipment with the latest technologies. 

This subsequently has encouraged the Indian earth-moving equipment market to manufacture technologically advanced machinery. Sany & LiuGong are the brands championing this R&D and technological wave. Their products, for instance, are sustainable yet high performing, cost-efficient and easy to operate. 

SANY SY240C-9HD Excavator 


Featuring smart technologies, this model from Sany India tops the chart of the best medium excavator. To begin with, the machine comes with 24200 kg of operating weight. This subsequently increases the work output of construction & mining projects. Additionally, the equipment features a powerful engine which can generate up to 173 HP. 

Such immense power fuels work efficiency as well. Moreover, the 1.2 cum of bucket capacity facilitates eased up carriage of heavy materials. Above all, the model’s ability to dig up to 6340 mm into the ground facilitates quarrying and digging for building foundations. 

LiuGong 848H Wheeled Loader 

LiuGong 848H

Do you often google terms like “wheeled loader large?” If yes, then it’s certain that you’re looking for a wheeled loader for a large-scale project. Now a model which will clearly surpass your expectation is LiuGong 848H.

With an operating weight of 16100 kg, this model delivers tremendous output. Additionally, the 3.5 cum bucket capacity ensures the carriage of bulk materials in one go.

Moreover, the model comes with a tipping load-full of 9200 kg. Besides, the ground clearance capacity of 472 mm gives higher stability to the machine. This is subsequently beneficial when operating in challenging working conditions. Furthermore, with 175 HP, the wheeled loader ensures higher work efficiency. 

Now, you can visit InfraJunction if you’re curious to learn about other heavy-duty equipment models from these brands.