9 Simple Ways to Spring-Fashion Your Jewellery Collection

Mangesh Shinde
Published on May 26, 2023

You could get the need to update your entire wardrobe—clothes, shoes, accessories, everything—when the sun comes out, the snow melts, and you put away your winter layers for the year. You don't have to (ahem) pay for all new jewellery sets if your collection just needs a little spring cleaning. Instead, apply these nine simple tips to brighten up your jewellery collection for a brand-new appearance.

#1:tip is to give your jewellery collection a pop of colour or design.

Add an enamel or e-coating layer to a piece of jewellery you already adore. One of the best methods to give your jewellery collection some dimension without greatly departing from your likes and preferences is to add a little bit of colour. The setting, form, and structure of your jewellery will remain unchanged, but you gain a tiny bit extra charm.

#2: Engrave Your Jewellery to Make It Your Own

Try having your item engraved if you have a pendant that appears a touch plain, a bracelet that needs something more, or a watch that doesn't feel finished. The benefit of engraving is that it may be as personalised as you like, bringing something wholly original to you while also adding a little aesthetic appeal. For your signet ring, choose an elaborate design, or engrave a meaningful message or symbol into a pendant to dress up your jewellery and make a statement.

#3: Pick a Different Hue

It's simple to completely transform an existing item of jewellery by choosing a new metal colour for the accessories you already adore. If you've been wearing silver, platinum, or white gold jewellery for a while and are struggling to come up with new ideas, gold plating (or vice versa) may be the solution. Get a finish that seems fresh and interesting to you, such as rhodium or gold.

#4: Polish Your Jewellery to a Shiny Finish

When jewellery doesn't glitter as much as it used to, it might feel plain. Every piece of jewellery has a chance of tarnishing or developing a patina over time, even if you're quite meticulous about caring for it and cleaning it frequently. Fortunately, there is a simple solution: bring your jewellery to a jeweller for expert cleaning. Beyond what you might do at home, steam cleaning and deep polishing with specialised equipment may give your items new life and make them seem new again.

#5: Select the Proper Fit

The good news is that you may modify your jewellery to adapt and change with you as fashions and tastes change throughout time. You can get your jewellery altered so that it fits perfectly if you discover that your fingers have changed sizes (as do many people's), or if you no longer like the length of that particular necklace. You'll be back in the game with your partner before you know it if you size your rings up or down or change the length of the chain on your necklace or bracelet.

#6:Change your gemstone

An outdated necklace or ring might appear radically different with the correct diamond. If the sapphire in your traditional ring is replaced with a pearl instead, or if you choose to move from ruby red to emerald green, you might be astonished at how different it will seem. Getting an upgrade or even a switch-up may truly change an item that isn't as interesting to you as it previously was because gemstones each have their own style and meanings (if you're into that kind of thing). 

#7: Vary the Style of Your Earring Backs

You may always redesign your earrings using the backs if you love your current pair but want something different. For a more understated everyday accessory, you may transform a pair of dangling earrings into a pair of stick post earrings. Similar to this, having a different backing, such as a leverback, might offer some comfort and keep the pair in rotation if a certain style of earring troubles you ears—perhaps your wire hook earrings are now too hefty for your earlobes.

#8: Repurpose and Modify Your Jewellery

Take the components you adore and create a brand-new piece of jewellery from an old stick pin or ring that has been languishing in the back of your jewellery box for a long time. The possibilities are endless; you may make a ring out of a single earring that was separated from its mate, a pendant necklace out of a stick pin, or a ring with a stone from an old necklace. Use your creativity and get creative with the components of your present collection that you do like.

#9: Try a New Style with Your Jewellery

You can always come up with a new way to wear your jewellery if you don't want to change it. If you regularly wear a pendant necklace, overlay it with a herringbone chain and a vibrant beaded choker to change up your look. Alternately, if you typically wear one ring at a time, try switching things up and donning all of your rings at once (yes, all of them!) to create a dynamic, stacked effect. For a low-cost strategy to refresh your jewellery look, experiment with various styles and ways to wear your jewellery.

Are you prepared to update your jewellery look? Any of these suggestions might help you update your jewellery collection for a fresh spring appearance. To custom design something altogether new, you can always visit your very own jewellery concierge. Alternatively, you may browse all of your alternatives at Swarajshop for freshening up existing pieces; our experienced jewellers would love to help you discover a new way to wear and enjoy your bridal jewellery sets.