How Does Heavy-Duty Equipment Facilitate Infra Projects?

Priyanka Mathur
Published on May 26, 2023

Infra professionals in India are all ears when upscaling their project’s success with the latest technologies. The heavy-duty equipment is often that catalyst accelerating the project’s growth. In fact, their deployment on the project site can’t be stressed enough. 


Be it digging for building foundations or quarrying, landscaping, etc., the heavy-duty equipment does the job well. This industry manufactures a wide range of machines, including but not limited to excavators, cranes, backhoe loaders, etc. Additionally, ACE & SANY are known for equipping the latest technologies in their models. 


ACE FX150 CraneACE FX150

This crane model from ACE comes with a boom length of 20 meters. This particular feature helps infra professionals ensure the smooth functioning of the equipment. Additionally, with a decent turning radius, the crane can operate efficiently even in compact sizes or adverse conditions. 


Further interesting is the machine’s ability to lift 15 tonnes of heavy loads. This, subsequently, increases work productivity while reducing downtime significantly. 


Besides, telescopic cranes like this can reach as high as 16 meters. This functionality aids in the movement of material at a greater height. More importantly, its price starts from Rs. 31 Lakh and goes up to 33 Lakh. 



This excavator model is dominating the Indian infra market with its highly advanced features. To begin with, the machine can churn out 97 HP, thanks to its powerful engine. With an operating weight of 13545 kg, crawler excavators like this model substantially scale up output. 


Moreover, the bucket capacity of 0.72 cum facilitates the heavy materials carriage with utmost ease. Above all, the model can dig as deep as 5117 mm into the ground. Overall, this equipment is worth-purchasing, with its price ranging between Rs. 43-55 Lakh. 


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