Mangesh Shinde
Published on May 25, 2023

foot ring

Women in India wear rings on their second toes; these rings' nerves pass from the heart and are connected to the uterus. Wearing a toe ring makes it easier to conceive, stabilises blood pressure, and helps to normalise menstrual flow. When married women perform routine tasks while wearing toe rings, the friction revitalises their reproductive systems.


Women and girls typically wear silver anklets at the joint where the foot and leg meet. These help prevent a woman's energy from leaking into the ground. Joint troubles can be relieved by wearing them frequently, and the tinkling sound keeps bad energy at bay.


Women's waistbands, also known as kardhanis, have great importance. It controls menstrual cycles and provides relief from menstrual cramps. According to legend, a silver kamarband may reduce abdominal fat.

 Tika Mang

It regulates the body's degree of high temperature while being worn on the head.


The bangles restore the body's whole blood circulation to normal. The circular-shaped bangles prevent the electro-magnetic energy from leaving the body through the outer skin and is instead returned to the wearer's own body. Women who wear south indian bangles set demonstrate that energy may be channelled from the hand and directed to the palms via reiki or energy healing.  When a lady doesn't wear bracelets, her strength is wasted.


Positive energies are drawn to the hollow side of the mangalsutra, which faces the body, since it is devoid of cups. This keeps the body and mind in a healthy state and maintains the body's blood circulation.


 A nerve in the ring finger connects to the heart and brain neuron cells. Thumb rings trigger the hormones that make you feel good. The health benefits of frequent metallic contact between the ring fingers include a person's ability to face life with ease and confidence.  Because the middle finger's nerve travels across the brain divider line, rings are often not worn on this finger. Any contact between a finger and a metal surface might cause confusion, which impairs the brain's capacity for decision-making.


Indians like earrings that are often made of gold. The nerves are associated with the eyes and, in females, the reproductive system. Better vision is produced by the friction that wearing earrings creates in the earlobes. The right ear houses a nerve that connects our kidney, cervix, and brain. Our kidney and bladder health is supported by maintaining the proper amount of pressure.

Ring in nose

Women who get their noses pierced have less pain throughout their menstrual periods. Indian ladies have a custom of wearing nose rings on their left nostril. The female reproductive organs are connected to the nerves found in the left nostril. This position of nose piercing eases labour; women with pierced noses report less discomfort during delivery. According to a scientific notion, nose piercing prevents women from falling under the influence of hypnosis because it modifies brain wavelength.