How Is Technology Changing the Nursing Education Landscape

Harry Johnna
Published on May 25, 2023

The present world involves technology everywhere. It is at every pace of life. It is proving helpful in the healthcare field as well. The advent of telehealth and remote monitoring of patients is its latest advancement. Electronic health records (EHS) are another example of technology use in healthcare. At the same time, it also leverages nursing education to prepare them to be more competent. But the question is how technology is changing nursing education. This article will explore the role of technology in the nursing education landscape.

Drivers that enable the use of technology in Nursing Education

The drivers that are facilitating technology in nursing education are as follows;

  • Healthcare and medicine field is using technology in its daily practice.
  • There is a shortage of nurses in a number of regions worldwide. This shortage increases the need to enrol more and more nurses. The introduction of online education is an outcome activity in this regard.
  • There is a need to respond to the changing education curriculum.

What is the role of technology in Nursing Education?

With the vital role of technology in medicine and health, it has an increasing importance in the nursing education as well. For instance, e-learning has been accessible to nursing education. They can access learning online through web and zoom apps, besides using e-books and reference guides as well.

  • Online Education

Technology has made access to online education in nursing education. It is also known as e-learning in nursing education. Many institutes, hospitals, and clinics offer online programs in nursing education. These online programs provide flexibility and convenience as well. There is no need to go out in order to get a nursing education, when digital access is available at one’s home. The aim is to evoke other females to pursue this field. Education is available in online education through "Learning Management Systems (LMS)”. Students can log into LMS. They can do so after filling formal procedures of enrolling in programs. These LMS are ready to use with the help of passwords and IDs. They manage all the e-learning processes. They conduct delivery of the content, it's tracking, and reporting. The course available online is "Master of Science in Nursing Administration (MSN)”. Hence, technology plays a role in online nursing education.

  • Enhancement of Communication

Technology enhances communication in nursing education. It provides better instructor and nurse interaction by using smart apps. Nurses can get assignment writing help through mobile apps. Further, the coordination between patients and nurses becomes easy over technology as well. Moreover, nurses can better access electronic health records (EHRs). Hence, technology enhances communication throughout nursing education.

  • Mobile Technology

Furthermore, mobile technology is available in nursing education. It provides nursing students with a wide range of data at a distance. They can access references and medical textbooks. They can diagnose by consulting with prior research studies. Mobile technology offers convenience by apps available over smartphones and tablets. Hence, mobile technology is revolutionising nursing education.

  • Simulation Learning Using Technology

Technology is enabling simulation learning in nursing education. The trainers or instructors play a crucial role in mimicking the practices. The instructors teach online studying nurses by mimicking practices in a clinical setting. Nursing students learn these practices online. They can apply them in their settings as well. They nurture their thinking and decision-making skills by learning online. The simulation learning can be as follows;

  • Screen-Based Simulation

A nursing student can respond in real-time by using screen-based simulation. They can do so by using suitable tools and procedures with patients and instructors. Virtual simulation software’s are using nowadays to provide nursing education online. Hence, screen-based simulation is beneficial in nursing education.

  • Game-based Simulation

Game-based learning is like simulation learning. Even the benefits are similar as well, but the difference lies in grasping attention. Game-based learning has the ability to grasp and stimulate students' attention. It develops the ability of information retention. It also increases capability of critical thinking and innovation. Another benefit of this type of earning is involving low-risk. It offers practice in a low-risk environment where patients' lives are not at risk. Hence, game-based simulation is a great contribution in nursing education.

What Are the Benefits of Using Technology in Nursing Education?

Research outlines that technology plays a vital role in nursing education. It provides widespread benefits in nursing education. These benefits are as follows;

  • A technological learning environment enhances nursing students' skills. They enhance their knowledge and competencies as well.
  • It provides robust learning tools.
  • Instructors can able to provide informative solutions to nursing education.
  • It increases their skills in opting for technological solutions in need.
  • It enhances student to content interaction. Moreover, it is increasing student-to-student interaction.
  • It provides international exposure in nursing education.
  • Technology offers practice-based learning.
  • It saves their time and effort in practical learning.
  • It engages nursing students.
  • It provides information from all over the world within their comfort.
  • Technology provided a learner-centric environment in nursing education.
  • It provides more integration in learning.
  • It delivers knowledge and concepts better than traditional means.


Barrier in adopting Technology in Online Nursing Education

Technological use in nursing education is indeed helpful. It is essentail especially in this remote learning era due to COVID-19. It fulfills the growing need for nurses in the country due to health crisis. Yet, the barrier in technology adoption is the lack of access to funds. The absence of sufficient funds often hinderonline nursing education.

How technology is changing the Nursing Education landscape?

Nursing education is changing with technology. The education is becoming simulation-based. It involves flexibility and real-time learning. Prior to technology, nurses need to go to physical institutes. Now, there is no need to go to physical institutes to get a nursing education. They can get degrees by acquiring learning digitally. Technology is promoting distance learning in nursing education throughout the world. They can have more access to information all around the world.

Final Thoughts

Nursing education focuses on and uses technology in preparing nurses. No doubt, the future will introduce more technological advancements in nursing education. They will improve patient safety and care by using technology in nursing education.