8 Reasons Why You Should Use Pheezee

Startoon Labs
Published on May 19, 2023

Pheezee is a pocket-size wearable device by startoon labs that can be worn by the patient while doing physiotherapy sessions. The device gives real-time biofeedback of the range of motion and electromyogram (EMG) of the recruited muscle. The device connects wirelessly to an android phone/tablet to display reports. The physiotherapist can see session-wise, week-wise, month-wise, and overall progress reports as and when needed. 

Pheezee offers scientific support for the treatment. The therapist uses it both in the clinical setting and at home. Pheezee is appropriate for upper limb, lower limb, and spinal cord evaluations. It is a useful tool for real-time monitoring and tracking of a patient's recovery. It generates reports at the end of each session that can be shared with the patients. You can keep track of all your patients' progress using the pheezee dashboard.  

Working –  

Pheezee works by measuring a patient’s muscle response to the nerve’s stimulation of the muscle via EMG as well as other metrics like Range of Motion, Repetition counting, etc.  Pheezee has an onboard ARM microcontroller and motion sensors for data acquisition and processing in order to measure a range of motion. Pheezee comprises two modules, one worn above the ankle and one below the ankle. The device is wirelessly connected to an Android phone to measure ROM in real time while exercising. For ROM measurement, the device has the lowest count of 1 degree. Twenty healthy subjects were tested for ROM while performing dorsiflexion and plantar flexion. The accuracy of ROM measurements was found to be 96 percent when compared to a traditional CE-certified goniometer and digital goniometer app, Goniometer Records (released by Indian Orthopedic Research Group). 

Pheezee provides: 

∙ Biofeedback through measuring muscle contractions 

∙ Dynamic range of motion measures 

∙ Session-wise reports 

∙ Incremental recovery data 

∙ Prompts when the patient reaches targets 

∙ Report generation and sharing with doctors & caretakers 

∙ Remote monitoring when the patient is not in rehab 

Benefits – 

  1. Clinical- 

i.Encourages patient's performance- Pheezee can measure even the least count of 1 degree. This feature builds confidence in the patients as they are able to track even the minute details of their recovery. 

ii. Bio feedback- With the help of a thermometer we can measure the temperature of the body likewise Pheezee monitors and tracks the patient's progress. It gives instant ROM & EMG feedback on the Pheezee home app which guides physiotherapists to do any alternative changes, if needed. 

iii. Muscle activity- Pheezee tracks muscle activity using surface EMG biofeedback. It works on eight major joints with tracking 40+movements and 400+ muscles. It identifies minute movements of muscles and its application areas include Orthopaedics, Spine injuries, Sports injuries, Neurology, and Trauma. 

iv. Recovery tracking- Pheezee provides live monitoring and real-time reporting which makes it easy for Physiotherapists to understand the progress and explain it to the patients. With its remote monitoring feature, patients can even have the information in the comfort of their homes. 

  1. Business -

Apart from easing the process of recovery, it also provides Business value to physiotherapists. Now Physiotherapist can track patients' progress, increases patient retention can increase revenue by 20% and is affordable as it provides many benefits to its user. 

i.Track Patient adherence - With the help of Pheezee, a Physiotherapist can even track minute details over the app. They can track whether the patient is doing exercise, what is the progress, etc. Based on these things, patient counseling can be scheduled. 

ii. Increase patient Retention - Pheezee, along with providing benefits to physiotherapists, provides benefits to Patients as well. It builds confidence in the patient because they can see the tangible progress happening in the body or affected area. 

iii. Increase revenue - This device helps Physiotherapists in increasing their revenue through the paper use model. They can charge each time the report is generated. Pheezee reports alone can increase Physiotherapist revenue by 20%. 

iv. Feasible and affordable - Pheezee, the world's first smart physiotherapy toolkit 

provides many benefits to its user for example easy to use, remote monitoring, 

shareable reports, Live monitoring, audio as well as visual feedback. These features 

at an affordable cost have made Pheezee feasible for Physiotherapist.


It can be concluded that PHEEZEE is  a boon in the physiotherapy field and have a lot of scope in future. 

1. Keep track of multiple patients at a time. 

2. Save time from manual data entry of every Physio session, thus helping to treat more patients in a given time. 

3. As every result is in the form of a quantifiable report, this increases trust and transparency between doctors and patients. 

4. Eliminate time and energy used in machines like Goniometer, Dynamo meter, EMG, etc. 

5. Provide you a substitute for bulky machines like EMG, and more by having a pocket-size device. 

6. Track the patient's recovery over a period of time, just with a click. 

7. Usage provides an increase in revenue as physio treats more patients in a given time. Allow  them to work from both Clinic/Hospital and Home with the same