Electropolishing Stainless Steel in Guelph

Excel Plating
Published on May 17, 2023

Stainless steel is stubborn when it comes to machining. The 300 and 400-series stainless steel is the most stubborn and can leave the part with a number of imperfections, including oxide scale, free iron, stains, microcracks, and other surface defects. These surface imperfections can compromise the performance and durability of the parts made from stainless steel.

This is where electropolishing comes in. Electropolishing Stainless steel eliminates all these defects by removing a microscopic layer from the surface with a very low tolerance. This leaves a long-lasting and bright finish on the metal part.

At Excel Plating, we offer electropolishing Stainless steel services with high precision and consistency. We can use this process to remove any surface imperfections in a single process. Electropolishing is great for critical metal parts with corrosion resistance 30 times more than passivation.

No need to debug, tumble, pickle, or clean. Because Excel Plating offers superior electropolishing on stainless steel that eliminates the need for mechanical finishing.

Benefits of Electropolishing Stainless Steel

  • Improved Corrosion Resistance

Electropolishing not only removes embedded particles and inclusions but also improves the near-surface chemistry of metal parts.

  • Improved Surface Finish

Electropolishing lowers friction, reduces near surface area, and improves heat reflection along with the part's appearance.

  • Ease of Cleaning

The process reduces product adhesion and buildup of contamination on the surface, which requires less effort and time for cleaning.

  • Deburring

Electropolishing deburs and polishes the surface simultaneously.

  • Appearance

The non-mechanical process microscopically smooths the surface for a high luster.

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