Hardcover Books Make Strong Branding Statements

Acu Track
Published on May 16, 2023

While there's no doubt thousands of books are still printed for traditional reasons today, there are new purposes for published volumes. For example, entrepreneurs are becoming authors for personal and business promotion value. For them, hardcover book printing is often the way to go because casebound books make an excellent impression. Whether you give them away, sell them at a discounted price, or offer them at full price, hardcover books make a great branding statement. They are universally recognized as higher quality and with a feel of permanence. Nothing else makes such an excellent first impression.

When a customer or prospective customer receives and reads a book, even if they skim it, it helps them understand its value. Whether you're selling products or services, visibility and promotion do matter. While it's possible to engage customers online by appearing in search results or posting to social media, a book adds to your stature. Therefore, when you print it in hardcover, it improves the impression you make. For businesses that present books to clients as thank-you gifts or tokens of appreciation, sending a volume of the highest quality matters. It's also something people tend to keep and revisit over time.

When businesses publish hardcover books, they are also wise to hire skilled cover designers to create a beautifully designed dust jacket. Cliches about book covers aside; they are integral to communicating a book's message and value. While it's often standard to use corporate colors and logos on the cover of a business promotion book, some people think outside the box. If you seek media coverage and want customers to feel like they're receiving something of genuine value, a less commercial cover can help. It's also wise to be innovative but easy to understand. Overly esoteric covers can hamper results.

Self-published books and those produced by businesses have a good chance of being well-received if they are of higher quality. Therefore, take details such as inside formatting seriously. Working with professional editors and other content preparation pros can make a favorable difference. Each brings their expertise to your project resulting in a better final product. If you sell your book against traditionally published titles, they will have those advantages. Today's book market is more vital than ever but also competitive. Printing a hardcover edition will improve your quality.