Meet the Media to Promote Your Book

Smith Publicity
Published on May 09, 2023

Developing excellent relationships with the media that result in coverage is a beneficial book promotion technique for authors. When you launch a book and your publicist makes an introduction, developing the needed rapport is up to you. With the door opened, you can create an ongoing professional relationship. Authors who are trusted spokespeople in the media boost their careers and personal visibility in many ways. It's a continuous free publicity stream that automatically promotes future books. It's also excellent PR if you own and operate a business of professional practice.

Seasoned publicity mavens know there are specific techniques that help improve your long-term media friendliness. They include making yourself available when needed. If you're a nonfiction author with expertise in your book's subject, you may be called again when the topic is in the news. Because the news happens 24/7, every day of the year, making yourself available readily is crucial. It may require answering your phone and email at odd hours, including evenings and weekends. If you wait until the next business day, the offer may be gone, or someone else will have accepted the invitation already.

When working with the media, always keep their audience and your target readers in mind. The comments and information you provide should interest both groups ideally. The goal is to come off as an informed thought leader who people respect and trust. Give thorough answers to questions and offer to research things when you don't have an answer. Follow through promptly with anything you promise, and give accurate information. Being candid about it is okay when you don't have an answer. When you provide insight and valuable information, your stature grows each time.

If you're a guest on an interview program or podcast, your objective is to make a favorable impression on the audience. It boils down to being a mix of informational and engaging. People need to like and respect you for the most significant long-term impact. Take your setup seriously if you're making a virtual appearance from home. Make sure to dress in appropriate clothing, pay attention to your placement in the room (the background scene) and lighting, and have a stable internet connection. Turning off all other devices, including landline phones, is vital so that nothing disturbs the interview.