Wear Stunning Faux Locs on Dreads at Elite Braids

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Published on May 02, 2023

At Elite Braids, you get top-class hair styling services. Our faux locs on dreads style appears completely natural, with comfortable extensions added to your natural hair for a stunning look. Get a lightweight feel and bouncy hair, and add extensions that look natural with faux locs services at the best braiding salon in Houston.

Unlike many other protective hairstyles, Faux locs dreads are easy to achieve and don't need hyper-maintenance. At Elite Braids, we're experts in temporary protective styles that can enhance the length of your hair as per your desire using high-quality extensions.

How is Faux Locs on Dreads Achieved?

Hair braiders are Elite Braids are highly experienced and know their trade. We have the ability to create envious faux locs on dreads by braiding your hair carefully and then wrapping extensions around each of them to give the appearance of realistic braids that fall down to waist length.

Our hairstyling salon in Houston is spread across three convenient locations, which helps us to serve the community more efficiently. Many customers have trusted our ability to create gorgeous hairstyles like crochets, updo cornrow braids, and faux locs on dreads. We're also virtuosos in a number of other unique and appealing hairstyles like crochets, cornrows, etc.

Embark on your Journey of Gorgeous Faux Locs in Houston

Get a hairstyling experience unlike any other at Elite Braids. Our creative braiders and stylists can achieve your desired hairstyle that perfectly complements your personality on any occasion, function, or purpose. 

Schedule an appointment and make a dapper style statement with trendy hairstyles at Elite Braids.