তামিম ইকবাল (Part-2)

Monika Jaman
Published on Feb 25, 2023

Uncle also made history
The Khan family of Chittagong is associated with the historical events of Bangladesh cricket. Take the 1997 ICC Trophy. Bangladesh had to beat the Netherlands to reach the semi-finals. In that match, 4 wickets were lost for 15 runs in the target of 141 runs in 33 overs. Captain Akram Khan won the match with an innings of 68 runs and changed the course of Bangladesh cricket. Tamim was eight years old then. On the day Bangladesh became the ICC trophy champion, the people of Chittagong city collapsed in Kazi Deuri's five-storey house. A flood of color swept across the country.

Brother also played
Besides uncle, elder brother Nafis Iqbal is also an inspiration. Nafis is one of the heroes who won the Test series against Zimbabwe in 2005. Bangladesh drew the Dhaka Test thanks to Nafis's century in Chittagong's historic first Test victory. Being the son of such a family, Tamim will make new history - that's natural!

days of struggle
Tamim played in the U-19 World Cup in 2006. He made his debut for Orient in the Dhaka Premier League long before that. And he came to the national team by proving himself in the Dhaka league. Once the talks with a club to play in the Dhaka Premier League were finalised, but the team sat down on the last day. The owners did not agree with Tamim despite the word. If there was no contract with a club that day, the Premier League would not have been played. Uncle told Akram Khan on the phone about his disappointment in a steamy voice. Chacha reassured and arranged a contract with his own club Old DOHS. Club practice started at 9 am. With extra care, Akram Khan used to make Tamim practice from 7 am. Tamim respects this uncle's love. The fountain of runs was running as the bat blew. He scored 188 off 102 balls in one match and caught the attention of the selectors. The door of the national team opened in 2007.

Big book of runs
He made his ODI debut on February 9, 2007 against Zimbabwe in Harare. Returned by only 5 runs. After a month, he made himself known on the biggest stage of international cricket, the World Cup. His innings of 51 runs off 53 balls with 7 boundaries and 2 sixes gave Bangladesh a memorable win against India in Port of Spain. He also knocked India out of the World Cup by sending Zaheer Khan down the wicket and out of bounds. Such force and over attack may have done more damage. Otherwise Bangladesh would not have to wait till 2016 to score maximum 7 centuries in ODIs. At least a quarter of the 33 fifties could have been converted into three figures. Take the first ODI against Afghanistan. 80 runs unbeaten with about 15 overs remaining. But he left the century on the field with an 'exciting' shot. He often becomes emotional in such momentary excitement. But his good side is that he is quick to realize mistakes and correct himself. Take the Abahani-Prime Doleswar match in this year's Premier League BKSPA. Dissatisfied with a decision, he abused the umpire in excitement. Two umpires Gazi Sohail and Tanveer Ahmed left the field. Later, the two did not enter the field citing 'illness'. Tamim is not new to get involved in such controversies. Tamim is the first Bangladeshi to reach the milestone of 9,000 runs in international cricket by trying to control such momentary tension with his own fitness.

play record
Tamim's 3118 runs in 42 Tests, Habibul Bashar Sumon's 3026 runs in second place. Shakib Al Hasan is number three with 2823 runs. In other words, Shakib still has a chance to surpass Tamim. Shakib is walking behind Tamim in ODIs and T20s as well. Tamim's highest innings is 206 in Test, 154 in ODI and 103 not out in T20. These three innings are also the highest scores for Bangladesh in all three formats. He is also the first Bangladeshi to score a T20 century. His runs are 4931 in 156 ODIs. He is also one of the best in fielding. He flew like a bird and took memorable catches more than once.

Wisden's Player of the Year
Another achievement of his is being selected as Cricketer of the Year by Wisden Cricketer Almanac, the bible of cricket in 2010. An honor that only Shakib Al Hasan had before him. Although this Shakib has a run fight, the two are what Harihar Atma means.

Yet something remains
Tamim also has some left. Although Tamim scored the highest 206 for Bangladesh in Tests, Tamim has the ability to score a triple century. Also, being an opener and a marquette batsman, a double century is in the hands of ODIs. Can Tamim? He is only 27 years old. Many people make their debut at this age. There, Tamim has seen all the terrible twists and turns of the tough road of international cricket. Runwala Tamim should not find it difficult to run like a Ferrari on a familiar road.

friend you are my friend
Tamim-Shaqib's friendship started from BKSP. First introduction to U-15 team camp there. After that, he played together in the under-17 and 19 teams. The friendship deepened after the two were called up to the national team. When you go to eat, two people are at the same table. Side by side in airplane seats. Practice together. Even live nearby. Tamim sometimes makes fun of Shakib for being behind in Test centuries. Again Shakib countered as Tamim was lagging behind in the ODI century. After the Afghanistan series, however, his dear friend surpassed Shakib in ODI centuries. Shakib is proud of his friend. Once Shakib said, 'Tamim always stands by his teammates. When someone buys a car or hires a restaurant for an event, Tamim's advice is sought firstThat's why Tamim's century or any success is as emotional as the fans

Take me away
Tamim, who floats the entire country in the flood of runs, has been floated in love. Her name is Ayesha Siddiqa. He does not understand cricket; But knows how to bind illusion. Ayesha was a student of Chittagong Sunshine Grammar School and College. Tamim Iqbal was studying A-level in that school. Tamim first saw Ayesha at an event. Sit with love proposal. There was no consent in Ayesha's love. Tamim said - ok, be friends. Ayesha became a friend. Then friendship turns into love day by day. And after eight years, Ayesha became Tamim's wife.

Dear Malaysian Airlines
Tamim lost his father in 2001. Since then mother Nusrat has Iqbal Khan as her guardian and friend. The mother did not agree with the son's choice. Tamim therefore used to save money and sit on the flight of Malaysian Airlines. Because Ayesha was studying Marketing at Kuala Lumpur Sunway University. At the beginning of her career, when she could not afford it, Ayesha was gifted with perfume. Almost all of it stolen from younger sister Urusa's closet!-Kalekantha
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