Best Shopping Malls in Tokyo

Gerry Norman
Published on Apr 26, 2023

Tokyo has a diverse shopping scene, from department stores to small boutiques, street markets and more. While the city is known for its high-end luxury stores, it also has an array of affordable options to suit all budgets.

For example, the Tokyo Midtown shopping complex offers a range of shops from fashion to household items and interior design. It also hosts many cafes for relaxing and eating after a long day of shopping.

Tokyo Midtown

Tokyo Midtown is one of the best shopping malls in Tokyo. It offers a range of shopping options, including high-end brands and budget-friendly alternatives.

The complex also hosts a number of art festivals and exhibitions, as well as a design hub that connects people through workshops, events, and seminars. Its main building is a stunning four-story structure designed with warm wooden tones and flattering lighting.

Shops at Tokyo Midtown are a great place to find everything from clothing and accessories to Japanese foods and souvenirs. You can also find some interesting products here, such as crafts and art supplies.

TOKYO Solamachi

At the base of Tokyo Skytree, TOKYO Solamachi is a huge shopping, dining and entertainment complex. It's also home to the Sumida Aquarium, dome-shaped theater and other facilities.

Whether you're looking for modern fashion, established Japanese brands or a range of original souvenirs, Solamachi has it all. Drop into Studio Ghibli, Pokemon, Hello Kitty and Ultraman stores for special edition merchandise.

The best part is that there are plenty of places to stop and take a break from your shopping, or to have a snack on the go! The food court on the third floor is a treasure trove of dishes ranging from Japanese, Chinese and Western favorites.

One must-try dish is Hitsumabushi Nagoya Bincho, a delicious golden-brown eel that's grilled over fire and coated in a secret sauce.

Nakano Broadway

Nakano Broadway is a vintage shopping mall that is a must-visit for anime and manga enthusiasts. The mall is a great place to pick up merch for your favorite characters, including figurines and collectible cards.

In addition to the Mandarake stores, there are a number of smaller independent shops you can check out. For example, there is a store called HAL Shop on the second floor that sells palm-sized capsule toys and a range of funky Japanese goods.

While it might not be as big as Akihabara, Nakano Broadway has a reputation for offering a more organic and idiosyncratic experience than other shopping centers. With its low-key accessibility and organic feel, it is a popular destination among locals and tourists alike.

Ebisu Garden Place

Ebisu Garden Place is a major entertainment, retail and office complex. It is a pleasant mix of towers and classic western style buildings with a wide promenade that gives it a public square feel.

The complex offers a large variety of restaurants and cafes as well as department stores, movie theaters and museums. The central plaza hosts various markets and events every season.

There is also a museum of beer and a tower with observation spaces where you can get stunning views of Tokyo. This observatory is free and opens from 7:00-24:00.

The tower has many national and international restaurants on the 38th floor, so visitors can enjoy food as well as beautiful views of the skyline. Some of the most famous restaurants here are Vera Pizza, SKY Lounge and The Prime Rib Restaurant.

Aqua City Odaiba

Aqua City Odaiba is one of the best shopping malls in Tokyo, and if you love shopping then you’ll want to check it out. Its stunning waterfront location offers amazing views of the Rainbow Bridge, and its range of shops, restaurants and entertainment is sure to please even the most picky shoppers.

This huge complex has over 120 stores, including a number of sea-themed fun areas and an indoor cinema. It’s the perfect place for shopping, dining and entertaining friends.

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