ডক্টর জাকির নায়েক (Part - 4)

Monika Jaman
Published on Feb 24, 2023

In a July 2016 video message, Naik called the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria the "anti-Islamic State of Iraq and Syria". And said that the enemies of Islam are promoting ISIS. He also said that, "Quran says - if someone kills an innocent person, whether he is a Muslim or a non-Muslim, it is as if he has killed the entire humanity. So how can a Muslim kill an innocent person? .. We should not say ISIS." , we should say AISIS because it is anti-Islamic or anti-IslamicI request all the Muslims of the world and the Muslim media, please do not help the enemies of Islam to attack Islam." He added that if you look closely you will know that I am totally against terrorism. I am totally against killing innocent people. Zakir said that he strongly condemns the activities of this group

Receptions, awards, titles and honours
Zakir is ranked 89th in The Indian Express's "100 Most Powerful Indians 2010" list. In 2009, his position was 82nd. Zakir in Praveen Swami is said to be the most influential Salafi exegete in India.

2014 Honorary Doctorate (Doctor of Humane Letters) University of The Gambia
2015 King Faisal International Award Saudi Arabia

Although popular in the Muslim world, Zakir Naik has been criticized in various quarters for his statements and opinionsHe said, "If bin Laden threatens a terrorist state like the United States through terrorism, then he is for bin Laden"; When it was said that 'the enemy of Islam or the US is threatened in any way', he commented that 'every Muslim should be a terrorist'.
He spoke about the conflict between the Shias and the Sunnis and said after the name of Caliph Yazid, Radiyallah Ta'ala (may Allah have mercy on him), that he was hated by many Muslims; Especially by Shias.

He also said that the battle of Karabala was motivated by political motives; The comment was also heavily criticized.
Many members of the Indian ulama strongly dislike Naik because Naik avoids their interpretations and criticizes Ali Sina and Khalid Ahmed Naik for calling Osama bin Laden a "soldier of Islam" for anyone who interprets the Qur'an. They said Zakir was indirectly supporting al-Qaeda. In February 2011, he wrote to the 'Oxford Union' via video link.

Indian journalist Shoaib Daniyal disagrees with Zakir's statement "Americans willingly swap wives among themselves because they eat pigs, which themselves swap wives". He also pointed out that "Islam allows men to marry more than one woman because there are more women than men in the United States." Zakir's statement is inconsistent with the United States Census.

In 2012, the Indian government banned the broadcasting of Zakir's Peace TV and Indian satellite providers refused to broadcast his television channel "Peace TV".

After the Bangladeshi newspaper Daily Star reported that one of the five attackers in the 2016 Dhaka terror attack was a follower of Zakir Naik on Facebook, Indian Home Minister Kiren Rijiju said, "Zakir Naik's statement is a matter of watch for us. Our agencies are working on it. After 2 days, the CID department of the Maharashtra government announced as a result of the investigation that they did not find any evidence of involvement in terrorist activities in Zakir Naik's speech.
The Daily Star apologized to Zakir Naik for the controversy, stating that they never blamed Naik for the attack.

The paper says it only highlights how young people are misunderstanding his statement. However, soon after the incident, the Bangladesh government stopped broadcasting Naik's Peace TV channel. Information Minister Hasanul Haque Inu said that "Peace TV is not compatible with Muslim society, Quran, Sunnah, Hadith, Constitution of Bangladesh, our culture, customs and traditions.
Abdul Khaliq Madrasi, vice-president of Darum Uloom, said in support of Zakir: "We have many differences with Zakir Naik. But he is globally recognized as an Islamic scholar. We do not in any way believe that he could be involved in terrorism."

Lectures and books
Dr. Zakir Naik has spoken on various topics at various times. Invited and uninvited audiences from various communities participated in his speech. His notable speeches have since been published as books in several languages, including the original English. In 2007, Dar-Us-Salaam Publishing House (Saudi Arabia) published two books by Zakir Naik. Namely: 'The Concept of God in Major Religions' (The Concept of God in Popular Religions) and 'The Quran and Modern Science: Competent or Incompetible' (Quran and Modern Science: Similar or Contrasted). Several publishing houses in Bangladesh have translated his books into Bengali and published them continuously