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Monika Jaman
Published on Feb 24, 2023

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Zakir said, a Muslim can leave Islam if he wants, and there is no provision to punish him with death. But if a Muslim preaches his new (non-Islamic) religion after leaving Islam and speaks against Islam, he is considered a traitor. According to Islamic law, Zakir said, he should be sentenced to death, as is the punishment for treasonAnother source mentions that according to Naik, "There is no death penalty for apostates in Islam, "unless" the apostate starts preaching any doctrine against Islamic teachings, if he does so he can be punished by death."

Propagation of other religions in the Islamic state
Although he encourages people of other faiths to allow Muslims to preach freely in their countries, Naik says that in an Islamic state proselytizing other religions must be banned because (he believes) other religions are wrong, so their preaching is wrong. NoSome math teachers are teaching 2+2=3 instead of 2+2=4.Similarly, Naik says, "As for building a church or a temple, how can we allow it when their religion is wrong and their worship is also wrong?" Criticizing the evangelizing activities of Christian missionaries in the Muslim world, Naik said, "Missionaries write Bible verses in Arabic calligraphy, such as 'God is love', to fish in muddy waters with Muslims." We do not use such deception tactics on Peace TV, for example.

In a speech at the University of The Gambia, Zakir strongly criticized the barbaric acts carried out in the name of Jihad around the world, where innocent people die and said that, “Jihad is misunderstood by both Muslims and non-Muslims, Jihad means striving and striving to make society better. The best form of jihad is to wage jihad against non-Muslims using the teachings of the Qur'an; To the Prophet (PBUH) and Almighty Allah, Islam means peace.” He further said, “Killing any innocent person, be it Muslim or non-Muslim, is forbidden in Islam. But Western powers and their media play a contradictory ideological role, portraying Muslims as extremists and fundamentalists. Even in Islamic Jihad,
It was first used by the Crusaders who targeted and killed people in the name of Christianity. The true meaning of the word Jihad is to strive and struggle: against one's own vices, to better society, to defend oneself on the battlefield, and to stand against oppression."

The September 11 attacks and Osama bin Laden
In a YouTube video about Osama bin Laden, Zakir said that he did not even know bin Laden personally, they had never met. If BBC, CNN has to talk about bin Laden, then they have to say that bin Laden is a terrorist. But the Quran says to verify any news before publishing it. So, he cannot blame her. He also said that if bin Laden was the biggest terrorist terrorizing America, Zakir commented on 9/11 in a July 31, 2008 lecture on Peace TV, "It's a staged drama,

Terrorism, assassinations and suicide bombings
According to Zakir, Islamic terrorism is a creation of the media. He said, "I always blame terrorism, because according to the Holy Quran, if someone kills an innocent person, it is as if he has killed the entire human race.Referring to Hitler as the world's greatest terrorist, he said, "He is the world's greatest terrorist without being a Muslim because he killed about six million Jews."
When Naik was asked about the killing, he said, "Quran says - if someone kills an innocent person, whether he is a Muslim or a non-Muslim, it is as if he has killed the entire humanity. So how can a Muslim kill an innocent person? However, he said it would be lawful to kill a person "if he kills someone…or creates disorder in a place." He also claimed, "Critics of Islam quote verse 5/9 (of the Qur'an) out of context to denigrate Islam which says: "Wherever you find a non-Muslim, kill him." However, this was a directive on the battlefield, and Islam has always advocated peace as the better decision during war.
In a press conference via Skype, Zakir Naik, when asked about suicide bombings, said that it is permissible in Islam, adding that "If innocent people are killed, it is haram. But if suicide bombings are used as a war tactic, it can be lawful." For example, in World War II, Japan used suicide bombing as a tactic.