Customizable & High Deck Tata Vehicles Offering Comfort

Deep Sharma
Published on Nov 20, 2023

They are coping with long-haul trips while transporting is difficult for some drivers. Thus, they seek commercial vehicles offering high comfort and convenience. So, if you are looking for the same, then look no further. 

This blog provides highly spacious trucks like Tata SFC and Ultra Sleek from Tata Motors, having customisable and high deck bodies. It prioritises the driver’s convenience to handle hauling stress. So, without further ado, let’s continue reading the blog. 

Tata 710 SFC Truck

Semi Forward Cabin chassis Tata truck redefines the roadways. Besides, this model is equipped with a 4SPCR BS6 engine that gives 100 HP output with better performance. 

Tata 710 SFC truck’s overall weight in GVW is 7490 kg, including its loading capacity, which is high. Also, its payload capacity is 4000 kg, which ensures balanced drive from the wheelbase. 

Additionally, the wheelbase of 3800 mm ensures a stable ride with its ability to distribute the vehicle’s weight. 

Furthermore, the massive fuel tank ensures non-stop rides to inter and intra-city transportation. Hence, this model is highly sustainable with a 12 V battery, set at the price range of Rs.16.63 - 17.38 Lakh.

Tata Ultra Sleek T.9 Truck

Ultra sleek trucks by Tata Motors are highly efficient. Likewise, the Tata Ultra Sleek T.9 Truck is powered by 98 HP output, ensuring better performance. 

Moreover, the GVW of 8750 kg is the overall weight of this Tata model. In addition, the wheelbase promotes higher stability while driving on flyovers or slopes. 

Furthermore, a sufficient fuel tank of 90 litres ensures the drivers don’t frequently stop for refueling while driving. Hence, the Tata Ultra model is priced at Rs. 17.29 - 17.38 Lakh.