Best telugu romantic movies

Gerry Norman
Published on Apr 12, 2023

If you love watching romantic movies, you’re in luck because Telugu cinema has a lot to offer. These heart-warming films are a great escape from the monotony of everyday life and have always struck a chord with the audience.

Whether you’re a fan of old-school romances or contemporary love stories, ZEE5 has a stunning collection of the best telugu romantic movies to watch on OTT platforms. Scroll down to check them out!

Arjun Reddy

Arjun Reddy is the one of the best telugu romantic movies ever made. The film has a great cast led by Vijay Devarakonda who acts like a veteran in the role of a flawed yet compelling hero.

The film also stars Shalini Pandey in a debut and she does an excellent job as the heroine. The director, Sandeep Vanga, has done a commendable job with his screenplay and the characters are etched out in such a way that you get to connect with them very well.

There is a lot of bold stuff in the movie but it does not make this a sleazy or vulgar story. In fact, it is the director’s courage in going into a space Telugu cinema has never dared to enter that makes it so special and unique.

This is not a simple love story; it is a character study that explores a non-conformist protagonist and his struggles. It is a very personal story that will stay with you long after the movie is over.


The Telugu movie industry has always been known for its larger-than-life stories and vibrant romance. From old school cinemas to contemporary films, the best telugu romantic movies are sure to enthrall audiences with their heartwarming storylines and passionate romance.

One such film that is making waves on the Indian entertainment scene is Majili, directed by Shiva Nirvana. The movie stars Naga Chaitanya and Samantha Akkineni in the lead roles.

Despite some hiccups, this sports cum romantic flick works on several levels. Its storyline is fascinating and its cast is amazing.

The film opens with a grief-stricken Purna (Naga Chaitanya) living a life that he doesn’t like, and this leads to an interesting storyline. The film’s plot is replete with sob stories and some laughs as well.

Poorna loves a girl called Anshu, but their relationship doesn’t end well. Eventually, Poorna separates from Anshu and marries Sravani.

Sita Ramam

Sita Ramam is a beautiful period drama with a timeless message about love and humanity. Director Hanu Raghavapudi re-imagines the classic Ram-Sita tale with equal measure of opulence and elegance.

The film traces the tale of Lt Ram (Dulquer Salmaan) and Sita Mahalakshmi (Mrunal Thakur) through two timelines – 1964 and 1984. It opens with Afreen (Rashmika Mandanna) arriving in India from London and tasked with finding Sita to give her a 20-year-old letter written by Ram.

As the movie progresses, it begins to explore how the love story is influenced by enmity and war. Rashmika Mandanna is the anchor of this layered story and her performance is brilliant throughout.

Dulquer Salmaan and Mrunal Thakur are superb in their roles as Ram and Sita, respectively. They look effortless on screen. The movie also has some excellent performances from Sumanth, Tharun Bhascker and others.


Telugu romantic movies offer a surreal escape from everyday life and narrate heart-warming emotions that strike a chord with audiences. With a variety of themes and genres, these films have gained widespread popularity and critical acclaim across the globe.

Among all the best Telugu romantic movies, Magadheera deserves a special mention. With its epic love story, the film is a must-watch for lovers and family members alike.

The story penned by Vijayendra Prasad spans over two different time frames and effortlessly transits from one to another throughout its narration. This is the USP of the movie that sets it apart from other Rajamouli films.

With amazing performances by Ramcharan Teja and Kajal Agarwal, this movie is a must-watch for all fans of the director. Whether it’s the epic fight scenes, the music and the stunning visual effects, this is surely a movie that will stay with you long after you leave the theater.


Like Bollywood, Telugu cinema is no stranger to capturing emotions through romance. With stunning cinematography, engaging storylines and passionate performances, the genre has always been a hit.

Having said that, over the years, the quality of romantic films has gone down. But, thankfully, there are still some bright spots in this genre.

One of them is Maharshi. This movie is an excellent example of a Telugu romantic comedy. The film revolves around a village girl and an NRI boy. It features Varun Tej and Sai Pallavi in the lead roles.

It is a classic Telugu love story which focuses on the concept of "opposites attract." The film has an amazing cast, with Nivas Prasanna and KL Praveen composing the music and R.D Rajasekhar cranking the camera.

In addition to this, the film also explores a number of other social issues. This makes the movie more interesting and compelling. It is a must-watch for all lovers and would be a perfect weekend watch!

World Famous Lover

World Famous Lover is a romantic movie that features Vijay Deverakonda in the lead role. He plays Gautham, an aspiring writer who quits his corporate job to pursue writing as a career.

However, he struggles to get a hold of what he is trying to write. His ideas are often cliched and predictable. Moreover, he is not the same person he was before his relationship with Yamini (Raashi Khanna).

The story of World Famous Lover oscillates between fantasy and reality, fiction and non-fiction. It’s a film that tries to portray romance in an interesting manner but fails to do so.

Despite this, the film does have one underlying theme that is heartwarming and resonant. It is about a man who is not understanding anything about the sacrifices he makes in his relationships with women.

The movie also has four different love stories that converge in its climax. The most appealing of these is the story between Seenayya (Vijay Deverakonda) and Suvarna (Aishwarya Rajesh).

Middle-Class Melodies

Middle Class Melodies is a delightful movie that tells a charming story of love, dreams and togetherness. It is a comedy drama depicting the congenial lives of a village and the ambitions of a young man who moves to a city to pursue his dream of owning a hotel.

The film revolves around Raghava (Anand Deverakonda) who believes that he makes the best 'Bombay' chutney in Kolakalur, a small village near Tenali. He wants to set up his own hotel in Guntur but his father (Ramana Goparaju) is against it.

Director Vinod Anantoju has done a good job in highlighting the struggles faced by middle-class people. He has also made sure that he does not overdo the emotions, keeping them natural and authentic.

He has a fantastic script that is beautifully woven and is enhanced by the performances of his cast. Varsha Bollamma plays a strong role as Sandhya and her relationship with Raghava is beautifully written.

Most Eligible Bachelor

Most Eligible Bachelor is a romantic movie about love and relationships. It is directed by Bommarillu Bhaskar and stars Akhil Akkineni and Pooja Hegde in the lead roles. It also features Posani Krishna Murali as Advocate Venkata Ramana.

It tells the story of an NRI guy who falls in love with a local girl. It is a classic rom-com with a twist.

The film is made with great production values, good music and lavish visuals. The lead actors’ performance, and Gopi Sundar’s music are the major highlights of the film.

Despite its predictable storyline, Most Eligible Bachelor is an entertaining watch for a few hours. It has a fun first half and solidly written pre-climax and climax.

The film is a take on arranged marriages and focuses on societal norms that affect young people. The film does not answer the question of if arranged marriages are necessary, but it discusses the importance of working on oneself before committing to a relationship.

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