Use the Best Processes for Product Prototypes

Image Transfers
Published on Oct 12, 2023

The fine art of product prototyping is one of great importance to most consumer products companies. The "protos" are used for advanced sales presentations and are often shown in photoshoots before the manufactured products become available. Take a page from the process used for museum labels and consider custom dry transfers if you're an industrial designer. Rub-on transfers are excellent for lettering and logos in any color or shape. They're made from your designs (you can submit your files electronically) and sent back to you on transparent slicks. Transfers are versatile and easy to use.


There's no doubt that 3D printing can also make contributions to prototypes, allowing you to produce some physical objects. But the final detailing makes them superior, and transfer decals are the way to go. You can order the rub-downs in any color to support your branding. Better still, they'll work equally well on plastic, metal, or wood. It is the same ease of use museum professionals enjoy when using rub-on decals for wall text or lettering on glass display cases. When working with precision, you'll appreciate the precise, crisp reproduction that gives an authentically painted-on look to your prototypes.


Prototypes often resemble the scale models of hobbyists and have similarities. Therefore, consider custom transfer decals if you're a model maker or restoring vintage objects. They are ideal for any graphic or visual element – lettering, stripes, logos, and anything else you need to add uniqueness and visual flair. When working on a smaller object with many specific details, you can combine them on transfer sheets to keep costs lower. Ordinary scissors will cut them apart easily before application. No special knowledge or training is required to use transfer decals; they are quick for anyone.


If you're making prototypes that will be displayed in a sales room or show booth, consider designing them to match. Specifically, you can use custom dry transfers as wall signs for any indoor space. They work well in small and medium-sized applications on almost any interior surface as long as it is smooth, clean, and dry. Branded, consistent-looking presentations are crucial for success today, especially when your sales team is launching a new product. The transfer decals are affordable, given the quality look they produce, and are an asset to any project. You'll be glad you used them to enhance your prototypes.  


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