Essential Features for Creating More Openness in a Bathroom

Adriana Amber
Published on Sep 28, 2023

In a bathroom, you get rid of the day’s tension as the hot water cascades down your body. It is a space full of bubbles, fragrances, and a clean smell. You don’t want to get out of the shower even when the water starts getting cold, or you don’t want to lift your head from the bathtub.

Do you feel the same about your bathroom, or it feels crammed, small, and stuffy?

If your answer is the latter, this blog is for you, where you will find modern bathroom designs for San Diego homes. Bring openness to your bathroom with these essential features.

Choose Neutral Colors

Color creates magic in your bathroom. There is a reason why shades of white, off-white, silver grey, sky blue, baby pink, peach, etc., are popular in the bathroom. The lighter hues offer a natural brightness to the bathroom. The light reflects off these shades and makes the bathroom appear larger and more open.

Install Large Mirrors

Mirrors can change the way how your bathroom appears. Install large mirrors. You need a mirror at the vanity to shave and apply makeup. In addition, install a mirror across it, which reflects the light and makes the bathroom space seem bigger and more open.

Make Use of Natural Light

Normally, bathrooms only have ventilation, but if you have a window, use it best. You can opt to open the window partially to bring in natural light. Sheer curtains will help flood the space while maintaining your privacy.

If you have an ensuite bathroom, you can consult your bathroom designer in San Diego regarding the discussed idea. To make the bathroom space feel more open, you can create a large glass window in the wall separating the bedroom and the bathroom. You can choose blinds to ensure privacy. But it will make your bathroom feel more like an extended space of your bedroom, making it seem larger.

Glass Shower Enclosure

A shower is an essential part of every bathroom. If you have one, consider installing a glass shower enclosure. This transparent barrier allows your eyes to travel uninterrupted, creating a seamless visual experience.

You can also choose a frosted glass shower enclosure. It allows others, such as your partner, to use the other parts of the bathroom uninterrupted.

Choose Open Shelving

Gone are the days of closed cupboards. Choose open shelving for organizing your bathroom items. Create open shelves high on the wall that can be reached without a stool. Your toilet paper rolls, towels, etc., can be organized here. It not only eliminates the visual weight of closed doors but also encourages a more organized and clutter-free space.

Choose Floating Vanity

Instead of a heavy vanity that reaches the floor, choose a modern floating vanity that creates an illusion of more floor space and leaves space underneath. Your cleaning essentials and dustbin can be placed underneath without taking up any extra bathroom space.

Minimize Clutter

A bathroom is a small, personal space unless you have thousands of square feet to spare. It is a space you must use smartly. So, place only essential items in your bathroom. Incorporate smart storage solutions and make your bathroom feel spacious.

Choose Simple Design

Minimalism is the key to making a bathroom feel larger and more open. Choose simple designs. Ask yourself, “What do I need in my bathroom?” A shower, a vanity, a toilet, a bathtub (it can be removed from the list if you are not into bathing and a shower suffices for you).

Do you prefer to apply makeup in the bathroom, or do you prefer your bedside dressing table? If your answer is the latter one, it will make more room for bathroom essentials, which include shampoos, conditioners, soaps, handwashes, bath salts, oils, scrubs, etc. You will need a cabinet for these items. A cabinet above the vanity is a good idea.

So, ticking off the essentials will help you imagine your bathroom vividly, and you can choose a design accordingly.

Use Large Tiles

Small, patterned tiles are old news. Besides, they make a space look cramped. Instead, use larger tiles that create fewer visual breaks and make the bathroom look more expansive. Choose light-colored tiles to create a bright, open bathroom. 

Consider wall-Mounted Fixtures

Wall-mounted faucets and fixtures create a streamlined look by eliminating the need for bulky hardware on countertops.

Incorporate Vertical Lines

Choose vertical patterns if you prefer patterned tiles or texture in the bathroom. They create an illusion of height, making your bathroom look luxurious and larger.

Incorporate Smart Lighting

Most bathrooms seem small and cramped because little or no thought is spared to the bathroom lighting. You must incorporate smart lighting ideas in your bathroom. Overhead lights above the mirrors will brighten the entire bathroom. LED lights around the mirror will offer clarity for applying makeup. Mood lighting will help you tone down the light before running a soothing bath. Consulting your bathroom designer in San Diego is recommended to incorporate the best lighting ideas.

Final Words

Creating an open, airy bathroom is about blending design elements that enhance space and tranquility. From color choices to smart storage solutions, each feature shapes the bathroom's atmosphere. By incorporating these essential features and design tips, you can transform your bathroom into a serene sanctuary that welcomes you with open arms whenever you step in.

Consult an expert for incorporating modern bathroom designs for your San Diego bathroom.