Symmetry Vascular Center

Samuel Tapper
Published on Sep 16, 2023

Our surgical team at Symmetry Vascular Center is proud to offer treatment for all forms of PAD.

When surgery is required, many procedures are performed in our in-office angiography suite. This allows patients to avoid high co-pays and inconveniences associated with surgery at a local medical center. If more complex surgery is required, Drs. Tapper and Dr. Diamond are credentialed at Cleveland Clinic Martin Health and St. Lucie Medical Center.

Smoking and genetics are the primary reasons for peripheral arterial disease or “hardening” of the arteries. We treat patients in Stuart, Florida and are located across from Fresh Market on Ocean Blvd.

The condition know as Atherosclerotic plaque obstructs the flow of blood through the artery, thereby reducing blood flow and nutrients to the lower leg.