Top-Notch Eicher Pro Trucks and Tippers for Construction Work

Deep Sharma
Published on Aug 16, 2023

Trucks and tippers play crucial roles in construction projects, offering materials mobility, equipment, and debris while contributing to project efficiency. Trucks are versatile vehicles for transporting various construction materials, such as aggregates, cement, steel, and machinery. 

Moreover, they carry items like bricks, concrete mix, and structural components, enabling workers to focus on construction tasks. Both tippers and trucks are essential for waste management during construction. 

However, Eicher Motors offers a long range of trucks and tippers for various work purposes. Let's see the top models of the Eicher Pro series for these applications.

Eicher Pro 6035T Tipper

Eicher Motors offers a superior tipper for sustainability in various applications named Eicher Pro 6035T Tipper. This model comes at an ex-showroom price of 43.00 lakhs to 45.05 lakhs. This Eicher Tipper comes with a VEDX8 engine that generates a power of 260 HP. Moreover, it gives an efficient performance, as this model comes with a huge fuel tank and a large payload capacity. Eicher Pro 6035T Tipper offers superior performance in construction applications for better experience and sustainability in work.

Eicher Pro 6048 Truck

Eicher Pro 6048 Truck comes at a price range of 42.00 lakhs to 45.15 lakhs. This truck provides efficiency in transporting goods and construction equipment. This model is equipped with a power-packed  VEDX8 CRS 7.7L engine. Moreover, it also offers you a superior power of 260 HP from the engine. Eicher Pro 6048 Truck provides a large fuel tank with a huge payload capacity. Moreover, this truck also gives a customisable body option and sleeper cabin to offer drivers a comfortable experience.

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