What Are The Possible Outcomes Of A DWI Case In Lake Charles

Hinch and Associates PLC
Published on Aug 12, 2023

Being arrested charged with a DUI can be a scary overwhelming experience, especially when you are facing potential legal consequences. In Lake Charles, Louisiana, DWI charges carry severe consequences that can significantly impact your life. After being arrested for a DWI, there are several potential outcomes that could arise.

The most common consequences include fines, probation, license suspension, even imprisonment. Nonetheless, each Lake Charles DWI case is unique, the outcome of each case is dependent on various vital factors, such as the defendants criminal history, the nature of the offense, the specific circumstances surrounding the arrest.

The penalties for a Lake Charles DWI conviction can vary leaning on the severity of the offense. For a 1st time offense, a driver could face a fine of up to $1000 up to 6 months in prison. They could also lose their license for up to 1 year. For further offenses, the fines increase, the jail time can go up to six months to two years. Likewise, they could lose their license for up to two years.

Another possible outcome of a Lake Charles DWI case is attending mandatory drug or alcohol treatment programs. The judge may ultimately order the installation of an IID-Ignition interlock device, which is designed to prevent a driver from starting their car if they have consumed alcohol.

A Lake Charles DWI conviction can have severe consequences that can impact your personal life, finances, career. This is why its essential vital to have a skilled Lake Charles DWI Lawyer to help you defend your rights minimize the potential penalties.

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