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What Is E-Shop?


An E-Shop enables a company to sell products and services electronically via digital networks. E-Shops support and complete operational and strategic sales tasks utilizing cutting-edge information and communication technologies.


E-commerce is a business-to-consumer model. They function similarly to a retail store instead of having a physical location. They have one on the internet. E-commerce is also known as an "e-store" and an "e-trailer." Customers can shop at an e-shop without leaving their homes whenever they want. E-commerce sites must make the customer's shopping experience simple. And appealing as it would be in a traditional retail store.


Why Sell On E-shop?


1. Free Registration 

Account registration and listing items for sale are both free.


2. On-Time Payments

Every week, funds are safely deposited directly into your bank account


3. Reliable Shipping 

E-shop logistic network provides rapid, reliable, and trouble-free delivery.


4. Marketing Tools

Find new customers and expand your business with advertising and our full suite of marketing tools.


5. Commissions Lower Than the Average

The commission fee is only charged on store transactions in the average range, depending on items and categories.


6. Support and Training

Learn everything there is to know about e-commerce for free, and get help from seller support.


Simple Steps To Start Selling In E-shop


1. Free Signup

Please create an account using only your phone number on our website or mobile app. To build trust between you and your interested buyers. Complete the Business Verification process and register for an E-Shop seller account. You can also hire a dedicated account manager to help you with the process.


2. Add Profile Information

Please complete your profile by including your email address and store name so we can identify you.


3. Add Address Information

Provide all of your company's address information.


4. Add Authentic ID and bank information.

Fill in your ID and business information. Include any bank information required for payments.


5. Product List

Through the seller center, you can add products to your store. Begin selling as soon as your products have passed quality control.


6. Post Your Product

You can post products one at a time or use the mass upload tool to save time. The Intelligent Posting system suggests ways to optimize each listing based on how the algorithm works. And what buyers search for on the site as you post products.


How To Manage Your Account


1. Keep contact with buyers.

If you response within four hours of receiving an inquiry, you are more likely to have additional interactions with the interested buyer. Download the payrchat mobile app from play store to stay on top of all your messages. You'll be notified immediately if you receive new messages from interested businesses.


2. Maintain your relationships.

Like many other B2B platforms, E-Shop wants you to interact with your customers and own your relationships. That means you have got access to it. Keep in touch, offer deals. And also keep them interested and returning for more.


3. Rise sales.

Take control of your sales by reviewing. And also increase your dashboards of detailed data for exposure. Click amount, average click cost, user growth, spend, inquiries, store visits, orders, and moremore. The system will also make recommendations based on online trends in your account and the user base.


Grow Your Business On E-Shop Modern Marketplace


1. Concentrate on keywords

Use a suite of advertising tools to help you focus on your target audience. And increase visibility among the most interested buyers. Target is based on geography, click history, and other factors, and pay is only per click.


2. Display your products

The product showcases the online equivalent of a window display and can increase exposure by up to 43%. Select which products and items you want to be more visible in your store and search.


3. Participate in online trade

Trade shows are now digital. Making them a good venue for showcasing your authentic products to interested and motivated buyers. Participate in a trade show as an opening speaker or exhibitor to reach a large audience on E-Shop social media. And a smaller audience during closed-door sessions.


4. Participate in site-wide promotions.

Participate in a variety of annual sponsored campaigns. And promotions to benefit from enhanced traffic and interest.


Frequently Asked Questions


What products can I sell on E-Shop Platform?

E-Shop has many major product categories. You can quickly sell your products, including fashion, electronics, FMCG, lifestyle, health, and beauty, to name a few. However, we have counterfeit, dangerous, or prohibited items by law or cultural norms that sellers must not list.


What is the E-Shop Commission?

Opening a shop on E-Shop is entirely free. E-Shop does, however, take a small percentage of commission from the payment you receive for your orders. Each product commission is determined by the category it falls into.


What Documents must I provide during the signup process?

Before you sign up, make sure you have the following documents ready:

a. Identification information (a National ID Card for individual sellers or a Business Registration Document for corporate sellers).

b. A copy of a bank check with the same title as your ID/corporate information. E-Shop will transfer funds from your sales to this bank account.


What if incorrect information is provided during the signup process?

If there are any problems with your seller signup form, our verification team will help you by highlighting the incorrect information. And you can then resubmit. Learn more about the reasons for seller signup rejection by clicking here.



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