POE game interactive player transactions

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Every large online game can not avoid player interaction, and among many players' interaction behavior, trading is very important. Let's introduce how players complete mutual transactions in POE.



In the path of exile, players' transactions with each other can be regarded as a completely different interaction. Almost every item you blame in the game can be traded, and you can also use them to exchange your favorite items with other players. All the spoils you find in adventures can be traded, especially if your subgame lacks POE Currency. If you can use the right method, then you can get a lot of game currency, as well as POE Items. But if you don't know how to trade on the way to exile? Don't worry. This guide covers all the basics.



Many newbies who are new to the road to exile cannot control the game in a short time. The reason why the road to exile is so cool is that it is a very complex barter economy. Compared with other games of the same type, players do not deliberately use gold coins to purchase goods. If players want to buy goods from NPCs or resource providers in the game, they can only adopt other modes. In the path of exile, you can use multiple currencies, and these POE Orbs are also a resource for making equipment items.



When you choose to sell your loot to other players, they will also pay you the same currency. This process is a bit complicated, but you only need to learn more about it and understand the principle behind it.



Unlike other MMORPGs, there is no game foundation and facilities in POE to achieve mutual transactions between players. There are also no auction houses, no exchanges, no storage rooms. You read right, nothing. So the only way that players can trade is to find a player in person and trade face to face with them manually. This is a very standard interface. You can drag items from your inventory to the trading window. This requires players on both sides to agree before the transaction is completed.



If you want to know if other players are selling items, you can use the "Poe.trade" tool. You can find it on the official website of the Road to Exile. The purpose of this gadget is to help you find players who are willing to trade and their items for sale.



Here is an overview of the principles in the transaction process:

Use the "Poe.trade" tool to find items you are interested in,

Click on the 'whisper' button next to the player you want to trade

A string of text is automatically copied and then pasted into the chat window in the game to automatically send a message to the player telling you to purchase the item.

If the player is online, they will reply to your message and invite you to a hidden place to trade,

At the same time you need to ensure that your POE Trade Currency are in your pending sale column

Then, complete the transaction.