Crawler Excavator In Construction Site On The Background Of Tower Cranes

Priyanka Mathur
Published on Jun 29, 2023

A crawler excavator operating on a construction site with tower cranes in the background is a normal scene in large-scale construction projects. In the bustling construction site, a sturdy crawler excavator takes centre stage. Its robust tracks allow it to easily navigate various terrains, from muddy grounds to uneven surfaces.


Tower cranes tower above the site, providing a commanding presence in the skyline. These tall and slender structures, with their long booms and counterweights, provide so much power to these cranes. It demonstrates their ability to lift and transport heavy loads precisely and reach heights that other equipment cannot.


Overall, combining a crawler excavator and tower cranes in a construction site represents the synergy between different types of heavy equipment, each playing a vital role in the construction process. 


ACE 3625

ACE 3625

ACE 3625 is a tower crane with a Max Lifting Capacity of 2.5 cum; it can lift heavier loads. It can lift the Load to a height of 36 Meters and reach a Maximum speed of 30 Kmph. However, the tower crane price in india starts from 1.6 lahks, and it can go up to 81 lahks.


LiuGong 915E

LiuGong 908E

LiuGong 915E is a powerful crawler Excavator with an Operating Weight of 15000 kg. The Engine of the crawler Excavator can produce a maximum Power of 100 HP. However, the Bucket capacity of 0.73 cum allows it to carry heavier loads. In addition, the Maximum Digging Depth of 5470 MM allows the excavator to dig to deeper depths.
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