ডক্টর জাকির নায়েক (Part-2)

Monika Jaman
Published on Feb 24, 2023

Same person, but two different identities. Today the same thing is happening with Muslims.Criticizing the portrayal of Muslims in films, he said, "Hundreds of films have been made in Hollywood to denigrate the image of Islam, so much so that hearing a Muslim say "Allahu Akbar" scares a non-Muslim, thinking he might be coming to kill himIf one really wants to know good Islam, he should read the pure sources of Islam; Looking at its followers (Muslims) aside from the Glorious Qur'an and Hadith is like the case of the car driver whose reckless driving caused an accident even though he was driving the latest updated Mercedes caris blamed forFor example, the greatest Muslim is the last and final messenger, Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. He also criticized the media for "picking up Muslim critics of Islam like Salman Rushdie and rewarding them with medals" and said, "If a Muslim does something great, they may give him credit for his work but ignore his religion or change his Muslim name." gives; such as the EastAristotle "Avicenna" whose real name was "Ali Ibn Sina".