Tata Signa Trucks And Trailers Dominating In Cargo Transportation

Deep Sharma
Published on Sep 04, 2023

Tata Signa trucks and trailers have established themselves as dominant players in the cargo transportation industry. Their success can be attributed to a combination of factors that make them a preferred choice for businesses and logistics providers.

Tata Signa trucks are renowned for their robust engineering and reliability. Their powerful engines provide ample torque and horsepower, making them well-suited for heavy loads across diverse terrains.

Moreover, Tata Signa vehicles are equipped with advanced technology and safety features. This includes GPS tracking, real-time monitoring, and driver-assistance systems, which enhance efficiency and security in cargo transportation. Let’s have a comprehensive look at the most popular trucks and trailers Tata manufactures in the Tata Signa series.

Tata Signa 3118.T 6x2 Truck

Featuring a Cummins ISBe 5.6L engine, the Tata Signa 3118.T 6x2 truck generates a power of 186 HP. This truck has a huge payload capacity and a large fuel tank to enhance long-distance transportation simultaneously. The Tata Signa 3118.T truck price starts from Rs. 38.38 Lakh and goes up to Rs. 45.38 Lakh. Moreover, this 10-wheeler truck has standard seats and a comfortable body cabin, ensuring driver comfort. 

Tata Signa 5525.S 4X2 Trailer

Tata Signa 5525.S 4x2 trailer is available at an ex-showroom price starting from Rs. 38.81 Lakh to Rs. 45.81 Lakh. This trailer has a Cummins  ISBe 6.7L BS6 engine that produces a torque of 950 Nm. This 6-wheeler trailer has an advanced braking system and a comfortable cabin that offers driver’s safety and comfort. Moreover, this model is equipped with a large fuel tank and payload capacity that provides sustainability to applications like cargo transportation. 

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